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Latest Release for Club Jeremy Hall

Anthony from Pittsburgh - 28th February 2020

I want to introduce Anthony from Pittsburgh. Apart from being a really nice guy; he cums like a fountain! Anthony prefers to top, and told me he didn't want to bottom. However, when he showed up on my doorstep I made other plans for this 19 year old college student.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bearing Leather - Sc 3 - 27th February 2020

KJ Bear, out for a stroll in his leather jock and chaps, discovers huge hung daddy Allan spanking Goatee Dude out in the alley, and the three of them go at it.

Latest Release for Fetish Force

Your Ass Is Mine - Sc 4 Pt 1 - 26th February 2020

We've been wanting to get Matthieu Paris and Mason Garet together for quite some time. As our long time fans know, both of these boys have Ph.D.s in Phisting and they get right up into each other's holes like nobody's business! You're gonna love the punch fisting action!

Latest Release for Rearstable

Blue Collar - Sc 4 - 25th February 2020

Idle hands are the devil's playthings and Dominic is quick to sell his soul to his trouble-maker cohort Jesse so they can get down'n'dirty. Dominic gobbles up Jesse's hot rod, mouthing his pierced dickhead and stiff shaft with sinful gusto. Then he finds himself standing bare-assed with his trousers piled at his ankles and with Jesse's tongue darting in and out of his asshole. Jesse stands up behind Dominic, braces himself and begins to fuck him hard, his hips pounding aggressively.

Latest Release for Bare

Jizz Injection - Sc 4 - 24th February 2020

If there was ever a scene that needed smellovision its this one. Can I recommend watching this one with a can of oil and a dirty towel to get the sense of the workshop and the mansweat that you can imagine with this scene. This is raw mansex at its best - in the garage with two big dicked guys.

Latest Release for Boykakke

Beach Massage - 23rd February 2020

Gus is lying on the beach when Yai offers him a massage. They head back to Gus' room to finish the massage and soon the 2 boys are naked and kissing and giving mutual blowjobs in different positions. Gus also wants his asshole massaged though, and Yai helps him get his ass ready for his big cock by first getting him to take a dildo. Finally they are ready for a passionate fuck.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Palmers Lust - Sc 2 - 22nd February 2020

Jeff Palmer is a busy man in high demand. When the phone rings he leaves behind the lovely Aussie Dylan Reece to meet up with Mark Skylar. Skylar has been a bad boy and Jeff has to discipline him. Dressed in leather he does discipline well.

Latest Release for Club Jeremy Hall

Jason Soaking Wet - 21st February 2020

After telling his parents he would be camping out with friends he boarded a plane for LA. Not long after he arrived we went for a dip in the pool. One thing led to another and our dicks were rock hard. I grabbed him and headed inside to shoot this very hot video!

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bear Xing - Sc 3 - 20th February 2020

So pay attention, on the road and off. It's hairy out there! KJ Behr, Goatee Dude, and RJ tend the plants in this garden, and you have to watch this scene to see what grows under the care of these three horny bears.

Latest Release for Fetish Force

The Shaft (Conclusion) - 19th February 2020

Cameron Adams is suspended from the top of the freight elevator shaft. Tony Buff stops the elevator near the top to embrace and kiss Cameron while he is still suspended in the rope. He then takes the elevator to its full height and releases Cameron from the rigging but leaving the boy bound in the upper body and hip harnesses while Buff eats the boy's ass, preparing it for the fucking to come. Buff holds on to the rope around the boy's torso and seems to savor the fuck in a way we haven't seen from him before. Buff turns the boy over and pulls him closer and the fucking continues as the intensity builds until both blow their loads.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Animus - Sc 3 - 18th February 2020

Damien Crosse is stroking on his thick Cuban steak when jock strapped Jason Adonis gets his attention. In a moment, Jason is on his knees servicing the stud’s cock. Jason soon bends Damien over the armrest of the leather couch and feasts on the warm center between Damien’s two hot mounds of flesh getting it primed for a pounding. He starts smooth and slow, and then he picks up the pace and rhythm, delivering every inch with strength and force. Then the hungry bottom wants to ride his hot top, and moans and grunts in appreciation as he does.

Latest Release for Bare

Fucking Awesome - Sc 2 - 17th February 2020

Patrick Ives is one of the filthiest fuckers we know. Here he's met his match and the two pig whores can hardly disengage themselves from each other they're so horned up. Patrick dives so far into that tight ass he's almost splitting it in half. This scene is fire!

Latest Release for Boykakke

Straight Boy Swallow - 16th February 2020

We find out Mai is actually straight. That's why we are anxious to abuse this sexy straight boy and get him to have lots of gay fun! First we have him and cutie Gus join their asses together for some dildo fun. After he painfully takes the dildo deep in his virgin ass, we give Mai some more money and get him to suck on Gus's long curved cock...it's the first time he's ever gotten anything in his ass, or sucked cock, but Gus takes both like a pro!

Latest Release for SexGaymes

When The Wifes Away - 15th February 2020

When the wife's away married men who have men on the side are busy fucking in the back yard. There's no substitute for a hot man sucking your cock - especially not that frigid bitch you're married to.

Latest Release for Club Jeremy Hall

College Dorm Fuck - 14th February 2020

I took my sexy shirtless buddy Justin to a college dorm to shoot me fucking this cute boy who just turned 18. Chase emailed me a few weeks ago, asking me to take his virginity. Well the virginity part was probably made up but it's still a hot scene.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bear Minded - Sc 3 - 13th February 2020

Open your mind to some hot bear action. We'll just see if that's the only thing that opens up! Newcomer Ducksick gives a piece of his mind--or at least a piece his piece--to CyberBears star Dean Ferguson. It's every bear lover's fantasy.

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