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Latest Release for Falcon TV

California Dreamin' 2 - Sc 1 - 26th June 2017

Landon Conrad wakes with an erection. Bearded and chiseled with hard, hairy muscle, he looks so great, your eyes can't decide where to look. One hand tends to the demands of his cock while the other roams from balls to nipples and any erogenous zone between. The space beside him is empty, so he pulls on a pair of skimpy briefs and sets off in search of his man, Ryan Rose. Ryan's in the kitchen, wearing matching briefs and eating berries. He feeds some to Landon. Landon is about to make Ryan's day, starting with a trail of berry juice kisses that begins at Ryan's lips and travels to his nipples, navel and cock. Ryan grasps Landon by the neck and feeds him cock, his smooth body pulsing and Landon gulping with the surges. Landon bends Ryan over the countertop and spreads the globes of his buns, spearing the crack with his tongue while using his nose to inhale and nuzzle Ryan's balls. Heat emanating from Ryan's butt fans the flames of Landon's desire until he can't hold off any longer. Landon drills Ryan on his feet and on his back, then in a reverse lunge he impales his own hole on Ryan's cock. They fuck until they are bathed in sweat and their cocks must release their pent-up jism across their steaming flesh. Released June 26th

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Trevor Tryst and Sage Daniels - 25th June 2017

Sage on his knees with his face buried in Trevor's crotch working his mouth closer and closer to Trevor's smooth ass crack. Trevor throws Sage onto his stomach and slips his bare cock deep into his greedy hole. Trevor fucks his ass deep and hard with long driving thrusts. He is relentless as he continues to pummel Sage's needy hole.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Ronaldo Massively Thick 9 Inches - 25th June 2017

Meet Ronaldo, a cute stud who is a fresh face to Amateurs Do It and adult entertainment. He is here for us in his first ever porn shoot. Although he was a bit nervous about being on camera, he certainly did put on a great show! Ronaldo was keen to show off his cock, we could hardly keep his clothes on him. And once he whipped out that monster thick 9 inch member, we understood why he was so excited. Released 25th June

Latest Release for Bare

Hole Hunters - Sc 1 - 24th June 2017

If you are into Orgy scenes... you've got to order this video and invite your friends over tonight! Cum... chains... leather... hard cocks and dripping assholes from the first minute of this video to the last!

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Nick Capra & Sebastian Torres - 24th June 2017

Hot muscle daddy Nick Capra makes out with lad Sebastian Torres on the bed. They stroke each others massive cocks and kiss. Nick plays with Sebastian's thick foreskin before deep throating his cock. Sebastian squirms with excitement as Nick pleasures him. He goes down on Nick's muscle dick and fills his mouth with cock. Nick flexes his muscles and fingers the lad as he gets sucked. He rims Sebastian's hairy ass and milks the lad's cock, preparing him for penetration. Nick slides his pole into Sebastian's sweet hole. He pounds the lad hard and deep. Sebastian climbs on top and rides Nick's pecker. Nick slams him hard from the bottom. Sebastian lays on his back and Nick rhythmically drill his hole. Nick Capra pulls out and shoots a thick load on the lad's face and across his hard body. Sebastian Torres fills his muscle daddy's mouth with hot cum before exchanging a wet kiss.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Derrick and Joey - 23rd June 2017

This Episode features two athletic guys, in a passionate, out-doors fuck. Studs, Derrick Hanson and Joey Russo are jogging in the Californian woods, keeping their fit bods in tip-top shape. They pass each other and catch one-another's eyes. It doesn't take long before the pair is exploring each others muscles, hot cocks and tight asses. Featuring Joey Russo and Derrick Hanson

Latest Release for Boykakke

Hungry Hole - 23rd June 2017

Jun is a bad boy who likes it dirty. Having spent time offering his services to the gay Yakuza, he loves nothing more then to have his sweet and hairless manpussy licked and fucked - and Takeshi is only too pleased to oblige.

Latest Release for Tribal Twinks

Felix - 23rd June 2017

Check out cute young Felix, he has his thick curvy uncut cock out and is having a great time jerking it off for us. He tugs away till his belly is dripping with a nice load of twinky cum. He then does the reverse strip and shows us his cute jocks. Nice.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Roger and Danny - 22nd June 2017

Roger is 38 and Danny is 29 years old and they've been a couple for about a year. They both have hot, gym-built bodies and sexy tattoos. They're sensuous with each other and gentle but in a firm, man-to-man sex kind of way. Danny worships Roger’s ass for a little while with his tongue and then they start swapping blow jobs. Then one of them fucks the other but I’m going to let you guess who tops in this couple.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Gag That Fag Vol 2 - Sc 4 - 22nd June 2017

I'm not sure which is more satisfying - gagging on cock or finding yourself suffocating under the weight of a huge set of balls. I guess its a personal preference but for lovers of interracial cock sucking this one's got you covered.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Jay McQuay Solo - 22nd June 2017

Jay McQuay's body is a work of art. And like any good artist, he works at his craft daily. His dedication to keeping his body in tip top condition was only one of the reasons We were anxious to have Jay as an exclusive Straight Men model. Jay's huge dick is another reason! Off camera, Jay is pretty shy until you get to know him. Once he's comfortable with you, like most people, he drops his defenses. That's when his devious side materializes.

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

I'm Going To Cum - 22nd June 2017

Straight nineteen year old Valentino opens his pants for us and notices the cum stains on his briefs! Licking his fingers, he tries to wipe them off, but it doesn't work. Pulling off his white tube socks, he shows us the smooth, pink soles of his feet, gently wiping off the sock lint. Getting more and more excited Val actually role plays that there is a chick in the room, talking dirty and announcing, ""I really need someone to suck on this for me!"" Breathing heavy and covered in sweat he cries out ""Oh my God! I'm going to cum!"" before blowing his boy load all over his belly!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Fill 'er Up - Sc 7 - 22nd June 2017

I let 5 guys loose in the basement of NYC's infamous COCK bar and the place lives up to its name. No instructions other than it's time to get a load out. The room is charged and quickly fills with the kind of primordial energy you only get when letting go of your hang ups and giving in to impulses governed by lust and desire. MICA MEDINA and HUNTER WILLIAMS become the designated beef and SAM BRIDLE, ERIC HASSAN and OLIVER WILDE are happy to take turns. Couplings and groups happen and then break. Sam is fucking Mica. Oliver is fucking Hunter. Eric is fucking Mica. Taking turns swapping orifices, spit and cum. And let's just say after the ending of this scene? I wanna have phone sex with sexy Eric Hassan like right now. Special thanks to THE COCK BAR, NYC. Released 22nd June

Latest Release for Bare

Incredible Fukn Holes - Sc 3 - 21st June 2017

Batter Up! Ardon Masters has found a good use for that baseball bat he got for Xmas one year. He never was interested in the sport but it's good to know the bat came in handy.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Avi Solo - 21st June 2017

Avi is happy to show off that gorgeous upper body and a little more, too. Once he starts pumping away at his heavy 9-inch rod, he gives us some hot views of his hairy hole, cock, and balls.

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Conner Habib and Preston Steel - 21st June 2017

Conner takes control, pinning Prestons hand and telling him exactly what to do, which gets Preston rock hard. Conner swallows Preston's thick rod all the way to his balls before flipping him over to bury his face in Prestons ass. Conner tells Preston to spread his cheeks so he can really get his tongue deep into his hole. With Preston's asshole primed and ready Conner hops on top and plows him from behind.

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