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Latest Release for CyberBears

Here Comes Daddy - Sc 3 - 28th February 2017

Super-hung daddies BluMaxx and Rex Murphy bring it all together in a tasty exchange of manpower and sensuality.

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Rodz And Gil Fetish Fuck (Part 2) - 28th February 2017

This gay Asian foot fetish scene is getting real hot and after making love to each other's feet in a foot worship 69, the two Asian boys are so horny and want to fuck.

Latest Release for High Octane

Payload - Sc 1 - 28th February 2017

The undeniably sexy Julian Vincenzo plays a gay escort who knows how to treat clients right, showing scruffy brunet Ruslan Peterko and bodybuilder blond Randal Sheldon a classy time before he grabs Randal and starts to make out with him.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Alessandro and Gabriel - 28th February 2017

Two sexy Latin boys getting on in my own bedroom. Lucky me! Released 28th February

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild Sc 4 - 27th February 2017

The country boy image of statuesque Ryan Rose tossing hay in jeans will make cocks twitch. Connor Kline agreed to help Ryan out, but when he arrives at the barn, Ryan is nowhere to be seen. Then, Connor spots a long hard dick poking through a knot hole in the barn door. Connor is on it in no time, his helping mouth swallowing Ryan's cock through the makeshift glory hole. Trails of Connor's saliva trickle down Ryan's cock to his balls. Ryan comes out to suck Connor, giving him a syrupy blow job that leaves Ryan's face smeared with drool and precum. Connor cock-beats Ryan's face, then Connor bends over a bale of hay, presenting one of the most perfect asses ever. Connor's hole is ready for the taking and Ryan immediately dives into the exquisite mounds tongue first, pinching the globes of Connor's buns and spreading them. Then, grasping Connor from behind in a half nelson, Ryan power drives his cock into the hot center of Connor's ass, and they continue fucking until they both dump thick loads on Connor's smooth chest. Released 27th February

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Colin Steele and Chris Kohl - 26th February 2017

Colin throws Chris onto his back and buries his face into his crotch. Colin sucks, rims, and tongues Chris into a frenzy. Colin slides his big thick cock deep into Chris's raw hole. Colin spreads Chris's legs wide and pile drives his cock into his ass with hard deep thrusts. Colin power fucks his hole as Chris screams in delight.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Jasper and Kyle Hardcore - 26th February 2017

Kyle loves getting sucked off, and Jasper does his best to please! Swallowing that huge throbbing cock must feel wonderful. Jasper gets down on his knees and hands, and gets ready to get fucked doggy style. Kyle gets behind him and lubes up his cock, stroking it and starting to slowly penetrate Jaspers tight butt. Jasper lets out more than a few moans of pleasure as he gets penetrated, and Kyle just keeps going deeper and deeper. Released 26th February

Latest Release for Bare

Dungeon Gang Bang - Sc 3 - 25th February 2017

Hank Cruz pounds Jarod's butt till it's red and raw and nearly knocks him off the table before shooting his hot load up Jarod's ass.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Arpad Miklos & Dustin Fitch - 25th February 2017

Hmmm"_didn't you forget something? Arpad Miklos says to Dutin Fitch who's busy typing away on the couch. "Just 5 more minutes"_" Dustin pleads. "This can't wait!" replies Arpad as he begins stripping and whips out his big uncut dick. Who can argue with that? Dustin sucks away and has Arpad at full mast in no time. Arpad undresses Dustin and gets held up after taking off just his shoes. He takes a little time to slap Dustin's gorgeous feet with his thick dick before moving on to throat Dustin's cock. After swallowing Dustin down to his balls Arpad eats his sweet ass and then fills it with his massive tool. "That dick feels so good daddy" exclaims Dustin as he gets pounded. Arpad fucks Dustin in various positions but the hottest of them is when he's holding Dustin while standing up, fucking him in mid-air! With his ass satisfied, Dustin hops off Arpad and gets down to receive a massive facial. Arpad really plasters Dustin's face. Dustin bursts out a load onto his cock and belly.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Cumshots at Sundown - 24th February 2017

Enter Marlboro Man Sean. He looks good enough to put Englishmen Mike on his knees! He gets a blowjob but Mike wants more, so he turns him around and eats his ass, diving in to warm up his catch for a nice afternoon fuck. Mike throws Sean in the wheel barrel and delivers a pounding that reverberates thru the trees.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Panya - 24th February 2017

Brace yourself, boys. Panya's a wild one. This big-dicked twink gets his uncut sausage out for a play and even dives into his hole for some lust-worthy ass play.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Cam Self Fuck - 23rd February 2017

It seems almost impossible, but Cam actually bent his dick down past his balls and stuffed it into his smooth hungry hole. Not only that, but he tried doing it in some positions he'd never done before, all for our viewers to get off on. Seems he takes it literally when someone tells him to go fuck himself. Now THAT'S a bottom!

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Gag That Fag Vol 1 - Sc 3 - 23rd February 2017

Something tickling the back of your throat? Well if its a rock hard cock they you're probably a cock slobbering slut just like we got in this scene. Watch him gag on a fat dick and lick every last drop that cums out.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Ethan's Solo 2 - 23rd February 2017

Ethan's back ready to give us a great solo scene at Straight Men. Watch him strip down and get that smooth body of his wet in the pool and in the showers. Working himself hard to a sweet release at the end.

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

A Boy And His Toy - 23rd February 2017

Walker takes a break from his routine to excise a load in a see-thru FleshJack! He pulls his sexy black briefs off over his sneakers and lubes up his fuck toy. Inserting his erect cock into the greasy opening causes him to gasp for breath. He slides it up and down, using it to massage his dick and paying special attention to the head of his cock. Getting to his knees, he places the FleshJack on a foot stool and penetrates it again, thrusting hard, over and over. The clear FleshJack gives us a view of his hard cock sliding in and out, back and forth, enjoying the texture and the feel of the FleshJack's soft interior. He pulls the toy off his cock just in time to shoot a stream of jizz as his cock bobs up and down, cum landing on his shirt and the furniture!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Cheap Thrills Volume 8 - Sc 2 - 23rd February 2017

Wanna watch a sex-starved man get his first rawfuck and take his first man-load? Check this out: I tossed total porn-newbie ELI CUMMINGS into a sweltering cheap Reno hotel room with raw-stud DERRICK . Buckle up, ELI! ELI's dick-crazy fuck-rant is the fucking real deal: he's gone gonzo over that cock in his ass. And there's a storybook happy ending as DERRICK gives him what he's waited his entire life to get: a gut full of JIZZ. Released 23rd February

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