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Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Lewis and Billy Sex Pigs - 20th September 2020

Lewis and Billy are two guys who are into leather and hardcore action. They have never met before but their compatibility seems obvious, what with both guys wearing leather outfits. Lewis is 36 year old versatile top, while Billy is 34 and versatile. Right away, they start making out and playing with each other's nipples; pinching and sucking. They get hot and aroused right away. They both whip out their cocks and rub them together, getting hard almost instantly. Lewis goes down on Billy's body to suck his uncut cock deep into his throat and nibble on his balls. Then, Billy lies down as he continues to get sucked by Lewis slowly and expertly. Lewis also rims Billy's tight ass before emerging to make out and play with his nipples. Then, it's Billy's turn to do some servicing ... Lewis lies down on his back and gets his 7.5 incher sucked deep and hard. He pumps Billy's mouth from below before Billy moves over to rim and eat his balls. They make out again. Lewis bends Billy over and rims his ass, then pulls his cock to suck him from behind. After a ton of hot foreplay, they are ready for some hot fucking action. They take off their leather chaps and get completely naked. Billy puts on a condom and lubricates himself. He bends Lewis over and starts fucking his tight glory hole. Lewis turns around and lies on his back with his legs up in the air as he continues to get fucked with long, deep strokes. As they both get hotter and hotter with lust, Billy starts thrusting harder and harder ... Finally, they finish up by jacking off together while making out until they both explode in ecstasy. They both come hard and fast on Billy’s stomach!

Latest Release for Bare

Chocolate and Cream - Sc 2 - 19th September 2020

Boys and toys - chocolate - cream and a hunky redhead - heaven indeed.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Claudio and Felix - 18th September 2020

Claudio looks a little different than last time he performed in front of my camera, but maybe it’s a good thing…I let you guys be the judge. I teamed him with Felix and both of them got really into each other and made for some great footage. There are some toys and anal play plus a little foreplay too top it all off. Enjoy.

Latest Release for Tribal Twinks

Ricardo and Alberto - 17th September 2020

Horny doesn't even begin to cut it when talking about Ricardo and Alberto. They engage each other like a pair of Latin twinks who've abstained from sex for months. Watch the fireworks.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

River Cruising - 16th September 2020

Damon can't believe his eyes when he spots two, hot surf-ski paddlers. After being invited aboard it doesn't take long for tight, white muscular butts getting slammed and cocks sucked in, on and around the boat.

Latest Release for Fetish Force

Wilfried Knight and Colin Steele - 15th September 2020

Wilfried is one twisted fucker. Colin, on the other hand, has never really done sounding before - so this is his first time. Watch as he discovers over-the-top ecstasy as a sounding virgin taking his first rod. His dick will never be the same.

Latest Release for High Octane

Masters and Servants - Sc 3 - 14th September 2020

Arriving home to his mansion, Steve Hunt leaves his two chauffeurs Rod Stevans and Gamal Simon to each other’s devices. Quickly exploring each other’s bodies, Rod and Gamal enter the back of the van to have more room for their hot, hard bodies. Gamal is soon taking Rod’s rod into his mouth before Rod rides Gamal’s hot uncut meat in the back seat.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Ed and Tate First Time Gay Sex - 13th September 2020

Ed and Tate are two rugby playing buddies with smoking-hot good looks who have come home from some rough outdoor play. Still in their athletic attire and shoes, they head straight for the bedroom to chill. Ed is feeling some pain and soreness in his upper back so Tate suggests that he should have a back rub and volunteers to give him one. He starts out on Ed's upper back and shoulders with slow, sensuous massage. Ed takes his shirt off, revealing a very sexy, muscled torso. Tate takes his time but confidently proceeds to move his hands from Ed’s upper back and shoulders to his chest. Ed's moans let him know that he has aroused his buddy in starting to please him in a different way ... They start to kiss, lightly at first, then heavily until they are rolling over and over on top of one another. With Ed on his back, Tate starts to work downward along his hot body, lingering on his sensitive nipples before going lower to his abs and finally to his crotch. He takes out Ed's cock and soon completely strips him naked. He gives Ed a long and hot blowjob, but also turns his attention to Ed's balls. He licks and nibbles on them while his hand strokes the shaft. He ensues to rim Ed's ass giving unbelievable pleasure. Then Ed lays Tate on his back and takes off his shorts. He expertly works on Tate’s toned and athletic body, concentrating on his 8.5 inch huge cut cock. He sucks and sucks until Tate escalates the action by letting Ed fuck him - hard. Ed puts on a condom and lubes up before taking Tate from behind in a prolonged dog-style fuck. Tate then lies on his back as he is pumped fast and deep while he strokes his own cock feverishly. Tate comes, spraying his jizz all over his torso. Ed then takes his cock and jerks it off furiously, wanting to come as Tate helps him out by sucking on his nipples. It takes a while but he is rewarded with his own orgasmic eruption, spewing his own semen on Tate's body. Exhilarated, they collapse and cool down with another hot make out session ...

Latest Release for Bare

Dungeon Fuck Party - Sc 2 - 12th September 2020

Here's your fly on the wall invite to the raunchiest party in town. The HDK dungeon is the stuff of legends. Men of all ages, body types, stages of undress - with only the one thing in common - the fact that they are complete sex pigs, cum together in a mass of sweat and cum.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Jr - 11th September 2020

What can I say about this guy? Jr. is a big black guy, oh and I guess it’s true what they say...when you go black you don’t go back ;-) Jr has a huge dick and amazing body. Wait until you see him fuck…

Latest Release for Tribal Twinks

Carlos - 10th September 2020

Carlos is our latest object of solo fixation as he shows off his cock milking skills in this jerk-off video. He gives an inspired performance not to be missed.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Great Spot! - 09th September 2020

Imagine if this happened to you! Failure on the last rep turns to HOT sex on the bench just before gym manager Brendan is about to turn the lights out. With all those hot gym-guys to choose from, do you think he will do it again? We will have to wait and see!

Latest Release for Fetish Force

Steve Cruz and Billy Berlin Part 2 - 08th September 2020

We brings together some of our best and most accomplished fisters for some hot and greasy, up-to-the-elbow action when Steve Cruz takes control of Billy Berlin's alabaster ass. Steve can't get enough of his own tongue up into Billy's beautiful pink hole. Let the fun begin!

Latest Release for High Octane

Maneuvers - Sc 3 - 07th September 2020

Never have we seen a collection of man so muscled and ripped that we nearly blew our loads before the action ever began. But that's exactly what you'll find in this military-themed, muscle-filled group video. Good luck choosing your favorite buff lad from this buffet of flesh.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Ozzie Footy Shorts - 06th September 2020

25 year old straight dude Ozzie is curious to try something new and wants to know what it feels like to be watched and possibly desired as he goes about doing the wild thing all by himself. He says he is open to being played with, but has not yet really crossed the line. His last sexual encounter was a random fuck with some girl. This handsome hottie has a goateed bad-boy look that gives off an immensely smouldering sex appeal. Moving up to the attic, this guy wastes no time taking his pants off to massage his crotch, which immediately arouses his manmeat underneath. He takes off his shirt and reveals a sexy, lean and toned body with a tiger tattoo at the back. He continues to touch himself all over his body and keeps working on his crotch. When he whips it out, he is now almost fully erect. His hard uncut cock gets longer and thicker as he wanks off, skilfully shifting his grip and his pace to suit his pleasure. Lying down naked on the couch, he steadies himself and jerks off at a smooth and continuous pace to prolong his pleasure. Gradually, the constant stroking increases his arousal. As the erotic heat circulating throughout his body intensifies in little increments, it eventually reaches a point where he is unable to hold off any longer. His hand starts to caress his body with more urgency, while his other hand concentrates firmly on stroking up and down his gigantic 8.5 incher. His hand starts beating faster and faster up and down his long and thick shaft, taking him ever so close to orgasm. As he reaches the brink of ecstasy, he starts to breathe heavily. Finally, he lets go, shooting his juice onto his belly! Sighing with pleasure, he smiles and relaxes, satisfied from having fulfilled his fantasy of jacking off for the camera. He just might come back to do this again sometime...

Latest Release for Bare

On The Road To Prague - Sc 2 - 05th September 2020

The boys keep getting waylaid on their way to Prague.

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