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Latest Release for Bare

Fukn Thick Dicks - S1 - 19th January 2019

This film is loaded with some of the biggest and thickest dicks you've ever seen. Cute hot Latin America guys and fuk'n thick dicks....always a winning combination. Ever thought of taking a trip to Latin American and a city like Buenos Aires with hot horny uncut studs eager and willing to please? Well, here’s your chance. All RAW, bareback action as these sexy young hung studs stretch tight holes to the max with their thick uncut dicks.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Cum Whore - Sc 2 - 19th January 2019

I think Steven Daigle got just a wee bit scared when I proposed we start off his Treasure Island sexcapade with him getting fucked by the mega-hung Antonio Biaggi. Fuck, I would be afraid of that huge cock. It's the kind of fear that makes sex exciting - wanting it and being nervous about it at the same time. It doesn't take long for Daigle to kneel before the Biaggi altar, voraciously worshipping his tool and nuts. Antonio is a demanding top. When there is a hole in the room he is going to use it. Steven is quickly riding high on the infamous dick, enthralled by those massive balls slapping on his taint and begging for his protein. Filmed on one of the hottest dog days of summer, Antonio had Daigle's ass up for so long, they left an outline of sweat in the shape of Steven's body that we still haven't been able to clean off the mattress ... If you are going to go bareback this is the way to do it.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Ben Venido & Derek Scott - 19th January 2019

Ben Venido is getting a tan, he gets hungry and orders a Meat-Lover's pizza. Derek Scott, the delivery boy, comes to the back yard and delivers the pizza. To his surprise Ben starts to feel out his cock. Ben tells him to pull his dick out just a bit so it peaks out of his pants. Ben notices Derek's cock is still somewhat soft, and takes the lads cock straight into his warm mouth. Ben's got a big tool, too, and Derek takes a turn sucking and licking his cock. They both lay sideways on the lounge chair and Derek gets fucked by the hairy, muscle daddy. They change positions to doggy-style, Derek fucks him self with Ben's pole. Ben then pumps his prick in and out of Derek's ass, pounding it hard. Ben sits on a bench and Derek sits on Ben's rock-hard cock, riding it joyfully. They both stand and and keep on fucking doggy-style. Derek lays on the bench and Ben fucks him missionary style. They exchange positions and Ben Venido squirts his jiz onto his hairy abs. Derek Scott follows by shooting his load on Ben's cock. This is why Ben always orders the Meat-Lover's pizza!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Plowed - Sc 2 - 18th January 2019

Billy Boyd is a hot bottom and one of the cutest guys in SanFran these days. Tom Shannon, our Treasure Island exclusive, puts Billy through his paces: rimming him, fucking him, feeding Billy his big ol' fat cock for sucking, then fucking him some more. When he's finished, Tom lays back exhausted and Billy keeps scooping cum out of his ass and eating it.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Island Daze - Sc 2 - 18th January 2019

Who wouldn't want to take an island holiday with these three hot fucks. The Euro muscleboys engage in a sensational threeway on location, with a backdrop featuring scenery almost as eye-catcing as the action... almost.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Leo - 18th January 2019

Ripped and dark-haired Leo is a funky looking young twink. He's also dying to beat off, so we got him to strip down to that ripped, thin body and show us what he's got in this new jerk-off video.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Up The Stakes - 17th January 2019

Two HOT kick-boxers. One's knocked down. Is he out for the count or - does he up the stakes...? It's a sweet trophy in this episode of Sexgaymes! Featuring Brendan and Lance

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Bobby and Zach Live - 17th January 2019

Bobby and Zach are happy to oblige the wishes of our online audience, kissing, showing off, stripping and more at your every request. Of course, this gets our boys worked up and soon it's time to sit back and really enjoy the show. The two young studs get into some rimming, some sixty-nining and stroking before tattooed Bobby's on his back getting fucked by cute geek Zach's big uncut cock. The two are clearly into each other and don't mind taking requests. Zach ends up with an inflatable dildo up his ass, and both guys shoot some impressive loads. Be sure to keep an eye out for more webcam shows featuring new and familiar On the Hunt performers.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Sperm Donors - Sc 1 - 17th January 2019

Paul Stag, Chad Brock and Ben Venidos are charitable fellows. They like to give - blow jobs, cum loads, deep ass fuckings - all in the name of charity. Enjoy this cum cocktail in a hairy ass!

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

Fucked On The Floor - 17th January 2019

What do you do when you want to get back at your parents? You call Dirty Boy Video and do amateur gay porn, that's what! Aiden wants to prove his parents don't control him - so he gets ass fucked on the hardwood floor for the whole internet to see! We called our new favorite fat dick top, Damian, to give Aiden a full sized ride! Turns out Aiden is a screamer and the neighbors actually call the police!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

LUST Volume 1 - Sc 2 - 17th January 2019

DAN FISK & SCOTT 2006. Dan Fisk's dick is a Treasure Island Media legend. Scott was a young bottom eager to be a TIM cum slut. Dan doesn't waste any time getting at Scott's hole. Dressed in his finest mechanic drag, Fisk fucks the boy with just his zipper down and his cock out at full mast. You can tell Scott is in that fine line between too much pleasure and too much dick as the top man uses his hole to unload.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Party In The Rear - Sc 1 - 16th January 2019

Mario Cruz's chiseled torso is one of the best we have ever seen, and his appetite for big cock is insatiable! Ivan Andros has one of the world's most perfect dicks, steps up to the plate and drives a home run with an amazing powerfuck that will leave no porn fan asking for more.

Latest Release for Bare

Hot Desert Holes - Sc 5 - 16th January 2019

Action hot enough to cause an explosion! This video features 8 of the hottest guys you can imagine in 70 minutes of raw, steamy, bareback and fisting action.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Jake Fucks Mitch Vaughn - 16th January 2019

While on the table Mitch sucks my dick and gets my engine roaring. I mount the table and play with his hole. I turn Mitch over and massage his ripped, muscular body. Touching his smooth skin and hard muscles make my blood boil and soon I'm fucking his ass doggy style. It was pure ecstasy sliding my cock into his sweet hole. I massage Mitch's chest and thigh while he jacks off to one of his amazing multiple cum spurts.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Return To Meat Rack - Sc 3 - 16th January 2019

As surging waves pummel the beaches of Fire Island, Christian is bent over an outdoor deck railing, taking an equally brutal pounding from muscle daddy Jim Ferro. The demanding top makes Christian suck hard before ordering him to spread his cheeks and offer his lovechute up to a cocktail of his cum and piss.

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Robert Axel & Conner Habib - 16th January 2019

Robert Axel is Cocksure Men's own version of Iron Man. The guy's muscles are huge! After he and Conner Habib's make-out session turns into something much, much more, you can see Conner's eyes grow wide when he gets a look at Robert's massive biceps. Conner has some impressive attributes himself,one of them being his superb oral skills. He and Robert both moan with pleasure during their 69 session, which we capture from every possible angle. Simultaneous rim jobs are added to the mix as well. Someone's about to get fucked. Guess who? Normally quiet Conner suddenly gets real verbal as he slides down on Robert's superhero pole and goes for a nice long ride. His pleasure is multiplied once he's on his back and Robert pries his legs wide open. Both of our studs shoot their loads for this very hot scene's climax. Released 29th July

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