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Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Aries Tickled And Rammed (Part 2) - 20th March 2018

My dick was hard as a rock the whole time I was tickling this gorgeous little ticklish Asian boy cutie. So I released him from his bondage so we could make love.

Latest Release for High Octane

Payload - Sc 2 - 20th March 2018

Julian Vincenzo goes to a dark sex-club for some personal time, finding deliciously boyish Adam Kubick in a sling getting dildo-fucked by Patton Hall, a glamorous dark hunk. Julian joins them and the action that follows has the feel of a real dungeon fuck. Adam shoots his load while being fucked and Julian blows on his neck. Each man then chews at one of Patton's nipples to make him shoot.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Marcus P and Guilleme Bang - 20th March 2018

What a match made in Latino heaven that I have for you with this video. Marcus P and Guilherme are the ultimate caramel cuties and seeing them suck, rim and fuck is going to have your reaching for the tissues in minutes. Released 20th March

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Intensity Part 2 - Sc 6 Bonus - 19th March 2018

Heartbroken by his boyfriend's infidelity, Josh Weston finds his way to Gus Mattox, making slow and passionate love to him. Released 19th March

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

The Bareback Factor - Sc 1 - 18th March 2018

Chad and Matt sizzle in their hot bareback encounter of lustful passion and downright dirty raw sex ...Chad is no stranger to Matt's cock as he sucks and swallows him balls deep. It's as if they were meant to fuck each other as the chemistry between them is fantastic. Matt rides Chad's ass bare and fucks him full of cock, pounding and plowing every inch along the way. Chad takes it like a champ as he rides and slides up and down Matt's stiff shaft proving what a great bottom he really is. Both of them are Bareback Legends in the making... Released 18th March

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Hunter & Jett Part 2 - 18th March 2018

Part 2 begins with a penis inspection - just to make sure that our amateurs are impressed with each other's cocks. The following blow jobs back up their positive comments as they eagerly devour each other's dick making sure they swallow them whole. Jett buries his dark face deep inside Hunter's creamy white ass - rimming his hole and making Hunter squeal with glee. Hunter's ass is now ready for Jett's cock - but is Jett? Well yes of course and Hunter's fuckhole makes him so turned on that he blows a massive gusher of cum - all over Hunter's back, the bed and even shot on the cameraman (perils of the job). Hunter then lays back and Jett helps him to same sticky conclusion. Released 18th March

Latest Release for Bare

Fuk n Raw - Sc4 - 17th March 2018

Cum flows and drips from every hungry hole and one is wasted as these sex pigs eat it themselves or feed it to each other.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Alessio Romero & Gabriel Louis - 17th March 2018

Furry daddy Alessio Romero undresses boy toy Gabriel Louis. He drops to his knees and swallows Gabriel's uncut cock. Alessio makes sure Gabriel gets a mouthful of daddy's dick too before bending Gabriel over to eat his sweet, young ass. Prepped and ready, Gabriel's hole eats up Alessio's thick dick. Alessio drives each and every inch deep inside Gabriel as he presses his legs into his chest. Gabriel flips and Alessio pounds him from behind. Daddy really knows how to please. Gabriel goes for a ride on top of Alessio before they both shoot their warms loads onto Gabriel's stomach.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Tony DaVinci Solo - 16th March 2018

With a body that looks like it's been carved from stone, this dark muscled stud is 100 per cent testosterone fueled power! He flexes his ripped muscles by a stream in the Californian countryside here, his muscles are beautiful, his dick is huge and his face classical.

Latest Release for Boykakke

My Gooey Lover - 16th March 2018

Yaum is sitting on the couch, horny as hell for his hot fuck buddy Tanapat to come over. Soon he is licking and kissing Yaum's smooth, slender body and Yaum can't wait to get this stud's growing cock in his mouth. Pants and undies come off and Yaum nibbles eagerly on Tanapat's warm and fleshy uncut cock.

Latest Release for Tribal Twinks

Marco - 16th March 2018

Marco really gets into his jerk-off video, stripping off by the river and making sure he uses his surroundings in this wonderful display of solo action. Don't miss catching this hottie on his lonesome.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Bodie Solo - 15th March 2018

One of more popular models on our most recent shoot in Miami was Bodie. He is a slightly older stud with a well-muscled body, a thing for Latino men and a craving to suck cock.. He tells us a little bit about his foot fetish and some other sexy little secrets before pulling down his pants to show us his goods. The camera explores Bodie's muscles, cock and furry hole and before you know it, he's working himself up to a big cumshot.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Justin Riddick Fucks Blaze - 15th March 2018

Justin likes his sex rough and gets off if his partner is into rough sex too. Blaze has a nice tight hole that's just perfect for fucking and he's not shy when it comes to the dirty talk. Once Justin found out that Blaze could take every inch he had to give, Justin kicked it into overdrive and gave Blaze a fuckin' to remember.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Meet The Barebackers III - Sc 3 - 15th March 2018

This fantastic interracial scene starts off with Champ and Randy kissing and groping one another and ends with the blast of Champ's huge load onto Randy's juicy rosebud ass lips and all ... it's what happens in between to get us there that is pure magic at its Bareback Best. Champ and Randy have a fantastic natural chemistry as they suck and service each other. Champ devours his furry puckered hole as Randy gorges on his huge thick 9' cock. Champ fucks Randy bent over, on all fours, doggie, you name it and Champ did it. He loses his nut and shoots a massive load all over Randy's juicy rosebud ... Champs pushes back into his hole and breeds him with the rest of his seed.

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

Stick It To Me - 15th March 2018

Nick and Peter are out in the NY heat sitting on the stoop. It's hot as balls outside and all they can do is sit and sweat. Nick suggests they go into his air conditioned apartment and Peter agrees that's just what he needs. Nick neglects to tell Peter that it's a fifth floor walk up so they work up an even bigger sweat getting to the cool rush of Nick's apartment. The second they get inside, Nick throws Peter onto the bed to start having his way with the skinny twink. There's absolutely no argument from Peter, who immediately starts dry humping Nick and letting Nick lick his salty, sweaty body all over. Their shirts come off and they kiss hard and deep. Peter is out of breath. Nick's tongue makes him pant like a dog. All of Peter's clothes come off and soon he's sucking Nick's growing cock all the way to the pubes. He massages Nick's big balls as he deep throats and lets Nick fuck his face. They switch it up and Nick teases Peter's asshole with his big throbbing cock. Peter crawls on top of Nick and they 69 with Peter sucking more cock and Nick licking asshole. It's not long before Peter is on his back with his legs spread wide. Nick crams his thick dick into the tight space that is Peter's hole. He plows hard and long and deep while Peter pants with each thrust of Nick's hairy pelvis.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

TIMPiss - Sc 4 - 15th March 2018

In The Shower An entire group of studs tramp to the communal shower to soap up, clean off -- and piss all over DAWSON. He has just been waiting, hoping for a chance to get a taste of hot stud-suds. And while the topmen empty their full-to-bursting bladders on him, DAWSON's passion for cock really shines through: he's in total bliss as the men drown him in splashing gold. Released 15th March

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