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Latest Release for Bare

Hot Desert Holes - Sc 1 - 19th June 2019

The hottest holes filled by hungry cocks and fists. Warning this video contains hardcore action ... but would you expect any less?

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Jasper Stone's Bisexual Adventures - Full Bonus - 19th June 2019

Get the full bonus here.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bear Party 1 - Sc 1 - 18th June 2019

Got your ticket? Then turn in those clothes and grab a towel, for the wildest bear party ever. Watch the hottest CyberBears models go at it in the private back room of a live bear party in San Francisco--while guests watched on closed-circuit monitors!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns - Sc 8 - 18th June 2019

THREEWAY. As seen in "WHAT I CAN'T SEE 3 When I first met "JOHN SULLIVAN, he told me he wanted badly to be the anonymous cumdump in one of my films. "WHAT I CAN'T SEE 3 "is the fulfillment of "JOHN's fuckpig dreams, a saga told in three scenes. Kicking it off,JERRY STEARNS "and "LITO CRUZ "show "JOHN "no mercy-which is just how he wants it. Adding to the depravity, the blindfolded cumslut has no idea his estranged brother "RYAN SULLIVAN "is also in the room, watching "JOHN "gag on the huge slab of manmeat "LITO "shoves down his throat while he's simultaneously reamed by over 10 inches of "JERRY's uncut, obsidian dick. The more the powertops use and abuse him, the more "JOHN "needs. Consumed with desire, the insatiable bottom takes load after hot, thick load down his gullet and up his ass, until he's filled and overflowing with the cum of both men. By the time they're through with him, "JOHN " is thoroughly exhausted and as satisfied as any no-limits fuckwhore can ever be.

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Madrid Sexy - Sc 3 - 17th June 2019

Hot couple, David Circus and TJ Lowell get amorous while looking at photos they took during their day tour of Madrid. David offs his shirt and TJ takes the hint, nuzzling his beard into David's tummy and taking off David's pants. David's cock is narrowest at the base and widens towards the fat tip, which is shrouded in thick foreskin, though TJ's mouth does a good job at keeping most of it hidden. David then helps TJ out of his clothes and they make out like lovers savoring each other's familiar tastes and appetites. TJ gravitates towards the twin cocoa-colored mounds of David's ass, eating his fill, then standing to plunge his tongue into his lover's mouth so they can share the taste. TJ's pecs are smooth and deep, and they heave in David's grasp. The floor is where they fuck first, with TJ riding his lover's cock on a big fur rug. They conclude with a standing fuck, a contrast of black and white and give and take, with handsome TJ's cock swinging to the momentum of David's cock slamming into his butt. A side-by-side stroke-off shows two big cocks, one curved up and one curved down, sending cascades of cum onto the floor below.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns - Sc 7 - 17th June 2019

APE MAN. As seen in "BUILT TO FUCK I end up "BUILT TO FUCK "with a brief and to-the-point fuck-event featuring wild-man "YURI "and my favorite stud, "JERRY STEARNS. A perfect lesson in how to fuck a man so he'll never forget it.

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Colin Steele, Kasey Anthony and Butch Bloom - 16th June 2019

The action heats up as the three of them start a daisy chain with Butch in the middle sucking and servicing Kasey's cock while Colin eats and rims his hole. Butch screams in delight as his bare hole is licked and teased by Colin's raspy tongue while being poked and fingered deep. The scene reaches its climax when Butch is bent over the chair and fucked relentlessly by Colin as Kasey watches. Colin shoots his nut all over Butch's hole and breeds the rest of his load into his eager butt.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns - Sc 6 - 16th June 2019

TWO BULLS. As seen in "BREEDING IAN JAY Juiced up by "DAN FISK, "IAN JAY "was hot and ready to cross the line. His hole had been primed and pumped, and he was ready for a serious two-stud fuck session. Our resident fuck-slave "WILL "helped Ian warm up tops "BRAD MCGUIRE "and "JERRY STEARNS. And he gets a nice get-go reward when BRAD shoves his fingers up "IAN's hole and feeds "WILL "DAN FISK's jizz, still warm and tasty from a few hours before. It's a true pleasure to watch two world-class cocksmen like "BRAD "and "JERRY "break in a fresh and willing colt. And by the end of this session "IAN "was definitely getting a feel for what was in store for him. No turnin' back now...

Latest Release for Bare

Trucker Fuckers - Sc 2 - 15th June 2019

The truckerz are reminiscing about the time one of them met up with a back packer.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns - Sc 5 - 15th June 2019

JERRY STEARNS' SURPRISE. As seen in DRUNK ON CUM 3. A hot anonymous cocksucker came to me and pleaded for a chance to be in one of my videos. I decided to blindfold him and have him suck off anything that got shoved down his prettyboy gullet. I put together a truly varied stable of studs, brought in the blindfolded cocksucker, and let him go at it. What I didn't plan on was that Treasure Island exclusive, horse-hung JERRY STEARNS, would like the cocksucker so much that he shoved his massive cock gut-deep and guided the guy around the room like a helpless puppet on the end of his giant cock!

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Flexibility - 14th June 2019

Seth is Sexgaymes first yoga guru and a flexibility that Aaron puts to very good use! He's insatiable too. These guys have amazing sex on the aerobics room floor - so amazing that Aaron came twice and even then Seth was itching for more!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns - Sc 4 - 14th June 2019

DEEP FUCK. As seen in BUILT TO FUCK Our truly (no exaggeration here) horse-hung exclusive JERRY STEARNS saw some pics of JT STEEL, and said to me "I want that ass!" This one is the real deal, two perfect men, each thoroughly digging the other.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Up The Creek - 13th June 2019

Remy and Aidan are kayaking on a hot, Aussie summers day. The boys are hot in more ways than one when back on dry land 2 enormous cocks pop out of their Speedos. Remy hammers Aidan with his big, beer-can dick on, across and around a kayak.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Legendary Stud Jerry Stearns - Sc 3 - 13th June 2019

GANG BANG. As seen in DEEPER It was the weekend of a leather street fair in San Francisco. I can't say which. (They've already said they'll sue if they're associated with this sperm-filled video.) I started DAWSON off with a raunchy gang bang. A nice warm-up for the most famous HOLE in the world. AWSON hungrily took on man after man, including the legendary JERRY STEARNS, using his tireless butt-pucker to suck the juice right out of their cocks.

Latest Release for Bare

Cum Hungry - Sc 2 - 12th June 2019

Three men making a ham sandwich - with extra mayo!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Jasper Stone's Bisexual Adventures - Bonus - 12th June 2019

It's another first "play date" for Jasper, as he welcomes the lovely and luscious Kay into his arms. Things start out with some playful groping and making out, then they get serious. Fast. Jasper tosses Kay onto his couch and gives her some oral delight. They change places and she welcomes his long cock into her body, almost cumming from the initial entry. Jasper mounts her from behind, gripping her gorgeous ass as he cums hard into her for the first time. Kay turns around and cleans their cum off his dick, never letting it go soft.

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