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Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Bareback Star : Antonio Biaggi - Sc 2 - 17th December 2017

Jake Norris knew he was in for a treat when he heard he'd be appearing with Antonio Biaggi. He gets right up into Antonio's armpits before getting on his knees to worship and the altar of Antonio's big fat cock. Antonio then bends him over to first rim his hole and then punish it with a deep fucking. When they both cum they make sure not a drop is spilled by licking and sucking each drop.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Axel Solo - 17th December 2017

Axel is a big New Zealand import. He's 6' 4" and is a truly bisexual top who likes to try new experiences. It may take some convincing to get him to bottom any time soon but we'll hopefully see him back soon. He sits down at the desk and starts to jerk his uncut cock. Even though this is his first time on camera his nerves quickly dissipate and he sprays his load all over the desk. Released 17th December

Latest Release for Bare

Raw Latin Fuckers - Sc 2 - 16th December 2017

Imagine yourself beside a beautiful waterfall in the heat of a Brazilian summer. A shirtless man is chopping wood - wood is indeed what you get and before long you've got your lips around his pole.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Shay Michaels & Dakota Wolfe - 16th December 2017

Scruffy dad Shay Michaels and cute lad Dakota Wolfe makeout. Dakota can feels Shay's boner through his jeans and the shirts come off in seconds. Dakota kisses Shay's muscular and hairy body all over, paying special attention to his hot pits. The lad works his way down and sucks Shay's thick rod. The men get fully undressed and Dakota shows Shay his round ass. Shay fingers and rims the lad's tight hole. Dakota sits on the couch and Shay blows his hung cock. The young stud stands so Shay can suck his cock deeper. Shay buries his face in Dakota's ass for one last bite before plunging his daddy dick inside the lad's wet hole. They fuck doggystyle on the couch and Dakota moans as he's pounded. Dakota rides Shay's cock on the couch, excitedly bouncing his juicy booty on the long, stiff pole. Shay fucks Dakota on his back and plugs his hole perfectly. Shay Michaels pulls out and cums on the lad's cock and balls. Dakota Wolfe jacks until shooting a huge load on himself. Shay rubs the hot cum around on Dakota's body and they share a kiss.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Rick and Ricardo - 15th December 2017

Fair pretty boy Rick Bauer is the bottom who gets fucked by the darker but just as handsome Ricardo. They begin with plenty of touching and kissing before uncut cocks are sucked. After Ricardo warms up Bauer's ass with a glass butt plug, the ass to mouth action begins.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Karl - 15th December 2017

Longhaired twink Karl lets you scrutinize his body - and his nice-sized love rod - in this video. We think you'll give him full marks for his body of work.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

TIMFuck Volume 10 - Sc 2 - 14th December 2017

PETO COAST AND JOHN DAHL Infamous Euro stud Peto Coast and his uncut mammoth cock need no introduction. He gives insatiable fuck slut John Dahl a taste of what he's in for, as an upside down blow job turns into a throat-stretching skullfuck. When he's had enough of that hole, Peto takes ownership of John's ass, mercilessly jackhammering the overwhelmed and overjoyed bottom six ways to Sunday before filling him to overflowing with white hot jizz. Released 14th December

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Jason and Brett - 14th December 2017

Brett has a monster cock on him and we gambled from the pounding that Jason took from Lars that he knew his way around a big cock and we were right. Jason takes a couple of slow strokes from Brett to get used to it and then starts backing up on it and literally plows his own ass with Brett's monster cock! You’ve got to see to believe.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Carter Bryant Audition - 14th December 2017

Carter Bryant is a 22 year-old Marine who loves dancing, partying, racing fast cars, and of course, sex. Although Carter is married, he says he likes his sex freaky, admitting that it was just a couple of months ago that he was with a woman who wasn't his wife. Boys will be boys! When we asked Carter what fantasy we could provide for him, he said he wanted a gang bang with multiple partners, boys and girls.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Seed Pumpers II - Sc 1 - 14th December 2017

Nick, Jake, and Chad are all groping one another as the camera finds this incredibility hot trio getting ready for some sweaty sex. Jake is bent over and made to expose his twitching raw ass. Chad and Nick take turns tag team rimming his crack as they tease it with their fingers. Nick and Chad tag team Jake's raw hole in a variety of positions. Nick grabs onto Jake's ass as he shoots his load all over his raw hole. Chad drops his load as he shoots his nut all over Jake's face and chest.

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

I'm Already Hard - 14th December 2017

Dustin and Christian compare their first time experiences having sex with guys. The conversation leads them to check out some straight porn on Christian's phone, and of course, you know where that always goes! Dustin asks Christian to show him his cock. Christian tries to laugh it off, but pulls it out anyway, saying, "I'm already hard!" Taking his own stiffening cock out of his pants, Dustin puts his hand on Christian's boner and gives it a couple of strokes! Christian leans in and kisses him on the lips. Dustin responds, sliding his tongue into Christian's mouth! The two boys masturbate each other and continue making out. Christian deftly guides Dustin's face down to his cock. Dustin licks that fat mushroom head before taking it deep into his throat! They kick off their pants and Dustin stands up, wearing nothing but his boxershorts, his swollen cock sticking out through the fly! Christian gets on his knees and sucks Dustin's dick, glancing up at his straight friend to make sure he is doing it right! They explore each other's bodies with their hands and mouths, sucking, licking, kissing, until finally letting their pent up loads loose all over each other!

Latest Release for Bare

Stretch My Ass - Sc 2 - 13th December 2017

Will West fists hot eager bottom Rand in an incredible hot fisting scene, ...Will West fans get ready to pop-ur-nuts!

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Jason - 13th December 2017

Watch as Jason auditions for Jake showing why he should be included in his cruise collections!

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Mario Romo and Marko Lebeau - 13th December 2017

Bedroom-eyed Marko Lebeau hooks up with BIG-dicked Mario Romo. Mario whips out his schwanz and Marko drops down and goes to town giving him a sloppy BJ. Marko can barely fit Mario's thick cock in his mouth! It's Marko's hairy hole that Mario really wants and Marko is happy to give it up to him. Mario tongues Marko's ass, prepping it for the ride of his life! On all fours, Marko spreads to receive Mario's massive pole.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Pure Sex - Sc 4 - 13th December 2017

Muscle, muscle and more muscle immediately fills your screen as the built bods of Trenton Ducati and Rafael Carreras come into view. Trenton takes to his knees to engulf Rafael's long, massive dick with his ready and willing mouth. Noticing the double-wide cock throbbing between Trenton's legs (how could anyone miss it), Rafael replies with his own master class in cocksucking. Trenton wants more, and he bends over the fuck table and lets Rafael survey two hard, round ass cheeks with a tasty center. Rafael doesn't waste any time before he darts his tongue in and out of Trenton’s bull's eye. The tables turn and Rafael is on all fours taking Trenton's wide trunk with a solid muscle body behind each stroke. Rafael's ten-plus inches seem to get harder with every jab of Trenton's huge cock. Another role reversal has Trenton riding reverse cowboy on one of the biggest cocks in porn. The big, beefy, versatile Trenton bounces and Rafael thrusts it up into him providing a spectacular view that is sure to leave you weak in the knees. With Trenton on his back, hole spread as wide as it will go, Rafael slams every inch in to hit Trenton's spot until he shoots out a hefty load and Rafael follows with two massive squirts of jizz. Released 13th Decmeber

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Jett & Leo Rocca - Part 2 - 13th December 2017

In Part 2 Jett find out what being fucked by a dick as big as Leo Rocca is all about. Leo tries to ease that monster in Jett's ass but it's big and thick and you can tell that Jett is stretching himself to the limit. After the initial shock Jett begins to really enjoy himself as Leo changes up positions a few times making sure that Jett gets every inch inside. Leo and Jett lie on the floor to stroke out the final cum loads and Jett ends up with Leo's sticky cum all over his gorgeous face. Hot shoot guys ... Released 13th December

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