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Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

George - 21st October 2018

German George is a straight boy who is travelling Australia all the way from the fatherland. Whilst he's never had any 'gay experiences' George is not shy to get his gear off and show you his 20cm cock. It's a nice thick cock and he loves stroking it every day - he's saved up a load for this and it cums quickly and thickly. Enjoy! Released 21st October

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Alex Mason and Lukas Cipriani - 21st October 2018

Alex shows off his versatility as he gets to ride Lukas' raw hole in this scorching scene filled with lots of hot sex and raw fucking. Lukas being the cock whore that he is has his face buried in Alex's crotch working his shaft and licking his balls. Alex is mesmerized by Lukas' round firm ass cheeks and can't wait to get a taste for himself. He eats and rims his hole making Lukas quiver in delight. Lukas can't wait to fuck his raw cock and feel it deep inside. He slides down on Alex's pole and rides his raw cock cowboy style ...Lukas' mancunt gets stretched and used as Alex pounds away balls deep. Each of them shoot a massive nut for the other ...Alex's thick creamy jizz gushes when he shoots all over Lukas's hole ...and Lukas thanks him for it by unleashing a massive facial load all over Alex. Like we said ...Hot!!! Released 21st October

Latest Release for Bare

More Cream More Ass - Sc 2 - 20th October 2018

Load after load of hot man juice, hot raw man sex and non-stop jizz oozing from insatiable cocks is the hallmark of this cum saturated film.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Shay Michaels & Dylan Knight - 20th October 2018

Coach Shay Michaels is ready to go over his new hurdle strategy, but first Dylan Knight needs some physical attention. Dylan has a cramp so Shay massages Dylan's legs, paying special attention to his upper thighs and bubble butt. It turns out that Dylan doesn't have his jock on and his big balls are bursting out. It's not long before they find themselves making out in each others arms. Dylan's huge cock sticks out of his shorts and pokes against Shay's firm body. Dylan goes down on Shay and deep throats his thick dick. Shay eats Dylan's ass on top of the desk and plunges his cock deep inside. Coach Shay loosens Dylan's tight hole with his dick and begins pounding faster. Dylan leans against the desk and lets his coach suck his gigantic rod. Shay sucks every inch like a pro. He slides his cock back in Dylan's ass and fucks him hard. Dylan Knight rides Shay's dick before shooting a hefty load on his face. Shay Michaels returns the favor by releasing a thick nut on Dylan's cock. Great Teamwork!

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Leo and Julian - 19th October 2018

Shaved-headed cutie Leo gets to team up with manly muscle hunk Julian in this one-on-one. Leo tells the director that he's come to the shoot looking to be fucked hard, and we can assure you he gets his wish.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Kody - 19th October 2018

Mouthwatering twink Kody releases the large anaconda hiding in his shorts. This boy is seriously well-hung, so be prepared to step back from your computer screens.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Alexy and Trent - 18th October 2018

Even though both studs prefer to bottom, they don't disappoint as ass pounding tops! You can tell from the minute Jeremy Hall asks them to undress, that these two men can't wait to have sex with each other.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Kasey Anthony and Butch Bloom - 18th October 2018

Butch licks and sniffs his arm pits while Kasey eagerly eyes his chance to taste Butch’s hole. Kasey slides his uncut Rican cock into Butch’s bare hole. He drives his dick hard into Butch’s raw crack. Butch takes his seat on Kasey’s raw pole and rides him cowboy style. He works his ass cheeks deep onto his cock with long hard strokes. Butch strokes his cock off while being pumped by Kasey’s hard cock. He shoots and explodes all over Kasey’s chest and stomach. He eagerly dismounts off of his raw cock and samples his own cum from Kasey’s belly.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Tommy D fucks Ryan Andrews - 18th October 2018

Ryan Andrews and Tommy D are stellar in their own rite, but we knew sparks would do more than fly when we got these two studs together. Both Ryan and Tommy can suck some mean cock, and Tommy proved he has no problems with gag reflex by taking Ryan's massive 8-incher deep throat. Suckin' dick wasn't the only thing we had in mind. Once Tommy started tapping Ryan's perfect ass, there was no stopping him. Ryan took every inch like a man. Tommy must have been doing something right, because Ryan unloaded his huge wad ... all over Tommy's face. Cold cream's not the only thing that's good for the complexion.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Todd Maxwell Massaged - 17th October 2018

Rubbing oil on a muscular, hairy guy like Todd Maxwell is a perk of my job. I'll take feeling his ripped muscles, rimming his hot ass, and sucking his thick cock over a 401k any day!

Latest Release for Bare

Gang Bang Rodeo - Sc 2 - 17th October 2018

These hairy chested, muscled up wranglers then start pairing up to fist each other until the screams of delight and the moans of joy are heard throughout the ranch. Holes are stretched to the limit. It gives an all new meaning to the words "Texas Style Bronco Busting".

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Tommy Defendi and Leo Domenico - 17th October 2018

Tommy pulls down Leo's jock and sucks his fat, uncut cock. Leo gives back taking Tommy's big dick down his tight throat. They take turns sucking each other. Leo decides to get Tommy on all fours and eats his hairy hole. Leo digs his tongue into Tommy's tight ass and gets it wet and ready. Leo slaps his hung, uncut cock on Tommy's ass and soon pushes it in deep inside. Leo pounds Tommy's ass until Tommy collapses onto the bed. Leo jackhammers his cock in and out of his ass. Tommy sits on Leo's cock and moans increasingly louder as Leo pump his cock into him. Leo flips Tommy over and plows Tommy's ass in the missionary position. Tommy, feeling Leo's hard cock inside, shoots his load onto his furry abs.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Adam Champ and Derek Parker - 17th October 2018

The bold attitude and brawny masculinity of Raging Stallion Exclusive Derek Parker serve him well when he gives it up--and we mean, GIVES IT UP--to sturdy Adam Champ. Their lip lock is more like tongue fusion, and Derek doesn’t care about breathing when Adam’s tea-bagging him. Adam’s tight, full balls are the best gag ever devised. But Derek’s yelling for a fuck, and the sight from overhead of the burly dude taking everything his stud master throws into him is porn masterwork. Derek hisses repeated commands for Adam to fuck even harder, and the rump-ruining top churns his massive gut-stretcher with frenzied might. When the overheated pair can’t take it anymore, they jack their giant cocks, and the steaming lava erupts. Released 17th October

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Fetish Date: Cyruz & Iesan - Part 1 - 16th October 2018

Gay Asian boy Iesan meets Cyruz online and after chatting about their foot fetish for a while, he invites Cyruz over to his place for a bit of foot fetish fun. These two cuties admire and tickle each other's Asian boy feet in the livingroom for a while until Iesan says, "This is turning me on, let's go in the bedroom." What happens in there will surely make you blow your load!

Latest Release for High Octane

Fire Pump - Sc 3 - 16th October 2018

For these studying fireman, learning CPR has a few added benefits. As well as having to take off their shirts to properly show where to pump the heart, it also mean locking lips in order to demonstrate how to give resuscitate victims. The demonstration proves too much for teacher and student before they're discovered by another fireman keen to make this class into three-way 101.

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Poolside 2 - Sc 1 - 15th October 2018

Sunbathing on a hot afternoon beside a sparkling pool, Andrew Stark and Josh Conners can't resist getting naked and passionate with each other. Released 15th October

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