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Latest Release for CyberBears

Illusions 3 - Sc 2 - 20th November 2018

Daddy Cub Eric is in his dungeon, wearing his leathers, and fantasizing about total bottom Joe Falconi in a harness and a red jock strap. Eric ties Joe's arms up for some rough discipline, then moves on to paddling, humiliation, and some of the deepest fucking Joe has had.

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Alone With Jeff - 20th November 2018

What a cute body Jeff has! Watch him tease and tempt you with his Asian boy feet, smooth, soft, and ticklish! After playing with his feet for a while, he start jerking off to a creamy conclusion.

Latest Release for High Octane

Hard Wood - Sc 3 - 20th November 2018

Measuring tree trunks proves too sexually arousing for this trio of spunks. Tiger, Jules and Zeb soon turn to measuring each other's trunks instead. Watch their outdoor orgy unfold under the hot summer sun as those trunks go in search of an ass to pound.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Jaxon, Leo, Titus & Cruiser Part 2 - 18th November 2018

Jaxon and Leo take control of the two newbies Titus and Cruiser. The two fresh amateurs are soon on their knees in front of their more experienced Australian counterparts and sucking on their cocks. Jaxon has brought a surprise for Titus - it's a mask which no doubt helps the inexperienced amateur to forget he is being filmed as he throws himself wholly into the job of sucking Jaxon's hard cock. Such is cock sucking skills that he is soon surrounded by the other three and takes turns at putting each dick into his salivating mouth. He can't distinguish who owns what cock nor does he care as long as his oral fixation is satiated. They split back into pairs so that the two bottoms can get some cock in their ass - Leo and Jaxon are only too ready to fuck the new amateurs. Finally the four are laying together as they stroke their cocks to cum flying conclusion entangled in each other. Released 18th November

Latest Release for Bare

Fist Pigs 2 - Sc 2 - 17th November 2018

The men from Fist Pigs are back and with MORE than just fisting on their minds.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Rex Silver & Chase Young - 17th November 2018

Kiss me boy commands daddy Rex Silver of lad Chase Young. Rex proceeds to take Chase's shirt off and digs his tongue into Chase's pits. Chase slips off Rex's shirt and gets on his knees. After playing with Rex's nipples, Chase slips Rex's pants off and takes his dick all the way back to the back of his throat. Rex helps Chase to his feet, bends him over the couch and rims Chase's young tight hole. Rex then slips his cock into Chase's wet hole and pounds his dick deep into Chases' ass. Chase takes a break from getting his ass demolished by Rex and sits on the couch while Rex deep throats Chase's huge cock and fingers his stretched ass. Chase then takes his turn at sucking dick as daddy stud Rex sits back and enjoys getting his dick wet. Chase bends over again and let's Rex drill his hole. They fuck missionary style on an ottoman until Chase Young shoots his load all over his abs. Rex licks up Chase's cum and moves back to the couch to get more head from Chase. Chase deepthroats Rex Silver's cock until Rex shoots his load off inside Chase's mouth.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Mitch and Andy - 16th November 2018

Escaping from a downpour outside, ripped twinks Mitch and Andy come indoors and put the sex weather to good use. Dripping wet, they share a kiss before retiring to the couch where they suck on each other's tools and fuck like animals.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Lief - 16th November 2018

Sexy twink Lief has a lovely cock and hairy ass. We've asked him to put them both on display in this video. Watch him slide that foreskin back and forth till reaches a thrilling climax.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Drew, Brenn and Sebastian - 15th November 2018

Hanging out in their leather jocks, tops Drew and Brenn take turns stuffing nineteen year old Sebastian's eager holes.

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Peter Axel, Greg York and Chris Kohl - 15th November 2018

Chris is feverishly licking and sucking Peter and Greg’s cock back and forth. Greg doesn’t hesitate and joins Chris in servicing Peter’s huge piece of man meat. . Greg straddles his ass above Peter’s perched hole as Chris’s golden tongue is sent on its mission to rim hole. Peter slides his thick bare cock into Chris’s puckered ass crack. The action intensifies when a daisy chain fuck happens as Peter fucks Greg as he is fucking Chris. Peter breeds Greg’s hole with a sac full of sperm as Greg sprays a huge nut all over his cock and crotch. Chris licks and cleans him up as they all share sweet and salty kisses between themselves.

Latest Release for StraightMen

George Dillon Audition - 15th November 2018

We love our hairy men, and George Dillon was no exception. He has furry legs and arms, which are just such a turn on! He mentioned that he would feel self-conscious of them growing up until one day in college all the girls started falling for him for that exact reason. (We would too!) Since then he's had more sex than he can count, all thanks to that innocent looking face and yummy body.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Joeys Massage - 14th November 2018

I worked over his whole body, chest, arms, legs, dick, but it was that delicious bubble butt of his that got me hot. And you can tell Joey liked my massage, too. He shoots his load while I stroke him and he moans out loud with pleasure.

Latest Release for Bare

G.I. Jizz - Sc 2 - 14th November 2018

What really happens when military leaders aren't around? How do the men let off steam? Cum watch as Hot Desert Knights brings you some of the hottest military G.I. JIZZ on the planet.

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Jessy Ares and Topher DiMaggio - 14th November 2018

The scene opens with passionate kissing and only gets steamier from there. Topher and Jesse worship each other's ripped, muscular bodies with their hands and mouths. They take turns sucking each other in several positions. Topher rims Jesse's ass and then hot dogs his cock between Jesse's cheeks. It feels so good that Topher shoots his load onto Jesse's bubble butt. They kneel on the bed and kiss while Jesse strokes his hard cock and pops a big load.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Fabio Stallone and Angelo Marconi - 14th November 2018

Angelo Marconi may be the bottom, but he’s the power kind. He’s a real firebrand when he takes charge of macho hunk Fabio Stallone, stripping him to reveal the big man’s broad pecs and robust, clean-shaven torso. He drops to his knees and devours Fabio’s classic sausage--it’s a weighty, truly fat hunk of Italian salami, its swollen head is just crawling out of the loose foreskin that Angelo sucks in. He gives the mighty man-meat a wet and sloppy deep-throating, bashing his face full-up against Adam’s groin. You know where Angelo’s going with this-- his deliciously smooth ass is yawning open in eager expectation of Fabio’s lavish rimming. Angelo has to hold on for his life when Fabio slams that terrorizing chunk of meat in there again and again--just the type of rough housing Angelo revels in. It makes him blast a cherry bomb load on his stomach, with Fabio’s blowout landing right on top. Released 14th November

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Fuck You For Tickling Me - Part 1 - 13th November 2018

Gil told me right from the start that he liked this new gay Asian feet and tickle boy Jimmy and expressed his desire to fuck him. I think Jimmy has the hots for Gil as well so I told Gil he has to let Jimmy tie and tickle him. Gil delightfully agreed and I discovered Jimmy has a real talent and liking for tickling! He really seemed like a natural and really put Gil through a hearty tickle session!

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