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Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Daddy Mike Fucks Gil (Part 2) - 22nd August 2017

Gil told me the day before that my cock is way too big for him to handle, and that he will not let me fuck him. All I needed to do was, put on my sad puppy eyes, and beg a little. Well it didn't take much begging and soon he was taking my big 8 inch like a champ, and with a smile!

Latest Release for High Octane

Fair Catch - Sc2 - 22nd August 2017

Sebastian Bronco and Zoltan Padlas are in the locker room and are well into a mutual JerkOff when pretty Enrico Belaggio joins them and heats up the action. He and Bronco orally tag team Padlas’s thick joint. Padlas and Belaggio take turns stuffing their uncut dicks between Bronco’s ass cheeks, and Bronco’s big chest gets coated with man cream.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Ryan bangs Joaquin - 22nd August 2017

Joaquin is in his room working on his muscles. Mark comes in and he's got other ideas. They trade blow jobs and then work themselves into a 69 position so they can enjoy them together. Then Joaquin climbs on top of Mark's big dick and gets fucked until he's ready to cum - all over Mark's face. Released 22nd August

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Best Buddies - Sc 4 - 21st August 2017

After suppressing their lust for too long, Best Buddies Ryan Rose and Billy Santoro yield to the inevitable. The clothes can't come off fast enough and the need to kiss and embrace only postpones the moment when they are finally buck naked. Ryan presses his palms against Billy's hairy chest in wonder, as if he didn't expect to find hair there. He redirects his attention to sucking Billy's cock, causing Billy to moan and slam his head into the pillow. Ryan's smooth-muscled flanks and torso contrast sharply with Billy's beefier and hairier physique. Billy is equally eager to suck Ryan, but Ryan's plump, tan buttocks prove irresistible and Billy's tongue quickly finds a home in the crack. Ryan smolders with heat, practically tearing the sheets as he pushes his hole against Billy's face. Billy pummels Ryan's ass with his cock. The staccato rapidness of flesh slamming into flesh sounds like firecrackers. Then Ryan rolls over and in an instant Billy is now riding his cock. Soon they are drenched with saliva and sweat and each other's cum, proving the old adage: Good things cum to those who wait. Released 21st August

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Jason Mitchell and Xavier Wolf - 20th August 2017

Jason is enjoying every minute of Xavier's talented tongue as he spreads his legs wider for Xavier to lick and suck his full nuts. Jason throws Xavier onto his stomach face down and proceeds to bury his tongue deep into Xavier's puckering pink hole. Xavier climbs on top of Jason and rides his bare cock cowboy style with long and deep ass strides. Jason busts his nuts all over Xavier's twitching hole. Jason pushes his sloppy cock into Xavier's ass and continues to fuck him.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Nic Azz Virgin Toys Experimentation Pt3 - 20th August 2017

Nic and Azz are back for the final chapter in their series, where Azz is showing former toy virgin Nic how to play with his favourite sex toys with or without a partner. It's a fun time that both boys really enjoy, and you will too! Released 20th August

Latest Release for Bare

Incredible Fukn Holes - Scene 4 - 19th August 2017

Ball busting - butt slamming - ass stretching - all bare fisting and fucking in this incredible scene featuring some of the most incredible fuckn' holes you've ever seen.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Anthony London & Lucas Knight - 19th August 2017

Muscle dad Anthony London and jock lad Lucas Knight keep in shape by working out at the gym. They notice each other in the locker room and the sexual tension is electric. Lucas begins undressing and Anthony immediately follows. Anthony stares directly at Lucas and strokes his magnificent erection. They finish putting their things away, and Anthony reaches for Lucas' adorable young bubble butt. They lock lips as Anthony strokes Lucas' humongous cock. Lucas begins deep throating Anthony's throbbing hard on. Anthony eats Lucas' smooth plump ass before shoving his cock inside. He pounds Lucas over the locker room bench and then stands him up to suck his huge pecker. Lucas' huge pole fills Anthony's mouth completely. Lucas rides Anthony hard and deep before they flip-flop. Lucas penetrates Anthony's hairy tight hole and Anthony enjoys every inch of the massive meat stick. They sixty-nine and swallow each others cocks hungrily. Anthony lays on his back and Lucas Knight plows his cock into him before releasing a load in his mouth. Anthony London unleashes a huge load all over Lucas's face. They make out, cum dripping from Lucas' mouth. Great workout!

Latest Release for Boykakke

Cut and Blow 1 - 18th August 2017

Hiromi loves his men hairy. I wanted to find a guy to really make Hiromi happy and fulfill him, and that's why I lucked out with Ken. A super hairy stud from the Okinawa island, he was more than eager to enter Hiromi's barber shop. It started with a pube cut, but the blow drying was the best part.

Latest Release for Tribal Twinks

Rafael - 18th August 2017

Rafael is pretty proud of his uncut cock. He strokes it til it's hard and shows it off in all it's glory for us all to marvel at. He's a South American honey for sure and you're going to enjoy watching him cover himself in cum and glory.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Mike and Luke - 17th August 2017

Luke was set to hookup with a cute, adventurous bottom but at the last minute he bailed. Mike's a personal friend, who wanted to be on the site, but he's a top and so is Luke. I asked Mike if he'd be down for a last minute filming & if he'd be into bottoming. He said no problem so we got him over to meet Luke. The kicker was that Luke has an honest-to-god, fat ten-inch cock & I didn't tell Mike. The best part is Mike's expression when he pulls down Luke's pants & sees his soft cock hanging out the bottom of his boxers: huge before it was rock hard. They had good chemistry & Mike can deep-throat like a pro!

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Seed Pumpers - Sc 3 - 17th August 2017

Dick Disco and Drew Driver get down and dirty in this most depraved of dick dunkin's. Dick's balls jangle with all his piercings as he drives his decorated dick deep inside Drew. He pumps him full of jizz and licks out any drop that escapes. Such Fun!

Latest Release for StraightMen

Rey Gold Solo - 17th August 2017

When it comes to finding the perfect "boy next door", Rey Gold is it. His smooth, muscular body and dynamite personality won me over ... big time! And his beautiful cock and ass are a dream. This young stud went to the top of my list when he swallowed his own cum!

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

I Want Your Cum - 17th August 2017

Stefan has been working in our office all summer and wants to be an amateur model. "I love gay porn," he says! We told him he'd get his chance to appear on Dirty Boy Video as soon as we found the right sex scene partner for him. Enter Max! With his piercing blue eyes and smooth hairless chest he was a perfect match for the horny Stefan! Stefan is direct, walking right up to Max saying, "I know what I want!" Max gets the message and their kissing quickly leads to their clothes coming off. Max is first on his knees, treating Stefan's large cock to a tongue bath! When they compare their stiff cocks, rubbing them together it's readily apparent they are an impressive match! Stefan looks great on his knees servicing Max, and takes a fat load of jizz right in his face and hair!

Latest Release for Bare

Boys Club II - Sc 1 - 16th August 2017

Four of the boys from Boys Club I are boys are back.. and they've brought three of their friends along for a vacation adventure at the famous ISLAND HOUSE KEY WEST resort. They are on vacation and ready to play.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Ethan and Jake - 16th August 2017

Ethan is coming along very well in his education. At first I got him to let me suck him, then kiss him. Then I convinced him to put some toys up his ass. Finally, I got him to fuck me bareback. It was heavenly having this straight boy with his long fat cock just pushing in and out of me. And he sucked my cock very well too. I hadn't even given him lessons on that.

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