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Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Henry - 24th March 2017

Don't miss seeing the monster uncut cock attached to Henry in this video. That curved cock has the potential to do some serious damage.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Damian and Marco - 23rd March 2017

Damien as a killer ass that's always hungry for cock. Marco is a burly Latin stud with broad shoulders, a furry chest, and a big, fat, juicy uncut dick. Both of these dudes are in their 30’s and they both love to show off their stuff. The action is dick-dripping hot: you should check it out!

Latest Release for Ricky Raunch

Gag That Fag Vol 1 - Sc 5 - 23rd March 2017

Everyone has a skill - some its knitting - some it's doing a crossword puzzle. Symon Sledge's number one skill is sucking cock. He loves it - he loves nothing better than the feeling of a dick tickling his tonsils making him gag. Well he loves one thing better and that's a face full of cum.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Nick Jacobs with Toys - 23rd March 2017

We just love a thick boy and Nick Jacobs is thick in every place where it counts - thick chest, thick legs, and, of course, a nice thick 8"x 6" cock! Oh and let's not even get started on that nice, full, round, ass! Nick is a student and personal trainer. He obviously spends a lot of time on that 6'1", 190lb frame of his! Nick takes us to the bedroom, wrapped only in a towel. Soon the towel comes off, and Nick is stroking his wet dick while he watches some straight porn. After a bit of cock play, out comes Nick's Toy ... and it's a Dildo! Let the fun begin!

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

Dimitri Dumps A Load - 23rd March 2017

Straight boy Dimitri confesses he's been known to have a few three ways with guys! "Older guys, who have been together a long time need a spark," he explains, "and I'm the spark! You can call me Sparky!" He sits by the window and unbuttons his blue dress shirt, revealing a tight compact body and a large scorpio tattoo. His chest has just the right amount of fuzz and his abs just the right amount of definition! The tight white briefs come off freeing his thick uncut Eastern European cock! His nipples are sensitive and he loves having them played with. He strokes himself and pinches his nipples while we watch. Before spraying his load all over his hands and chest he announces, "ahh, I'm gonna cum!"

Latest Release for Bare

Those Fucking Memories - Sc 4 - 22nd March 2017

Remember that night we were alone on the couch fucking bareback and then Joe turned up and it became a 3 way to remember?

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Jason Novak - 22nd March 2017

I was very fortunate to have Jason Novak as my assistant while I stayed in Prague. Fortunately, he was also my hottest performer. Jason is the perfect European specimen. Tall, blonde, built, and hung. Not only is he exceptionally handsome and charming, but also very intelligent. And intelligence to me is a big turn on. And boy, did Jason turn me on!

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Conner Habib and Aleco Sahara - 22nd March 2017

Aleco is pumped because he's always had a little bit of a crush on Conner. The chemistry is undeniable as the two guys kiss, suck and fuck. Conner pulls out of Aleco's ass to pop a load all over his furry chest, abs and cock. Aleco gives Conner a tasty facial for all of his hard work. Aleco bends over and kisses Conner getting a taste of his own cum.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Timothy Sexy Bottom Cyber Wank - 22nd March 2017

The guys featured on Amateurs Do It are regular guys, just like you and me. And like us, they need to unload and turn to internet porn for some relief too. In this week's update, Timothy is feeling randy and is all by himself, so he decides to do some surfing! Well, it's not long before Timothy is watching some hot porn videos and has his cock out stroking it off. He plays with his cock, enjoying feeling it getting bigger and harder in his hands. He stands up, jerks off and fantasizes about the video that he is watching. Released 22nd March

Latest Release for Rearstable

Ricky, Steve, Logan, Alexy, Tober, Logan & Dak - 22nd March 2017

This all-star gangbang is really going to get you going. We see Ricky fucking Tober, Steve getting his hole explored by Logan, and Dak opening up Alexy. Cocks and eager holes are all around. Steve's furry hole gets put to good use by the group, before everyone offloads their juice on him - making him a big furry mess. Released 22nd March

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Foot Love: Joey And Marky (Part 2) - 21st March 2017

There is so much sucking of feet, cocks, and tongues at this point, Marky and Joey are obviously enjoying each other. Marky is so hungry he's stuffing Joey's cock and toe in his mouth at the same time.

Latest Release for High Octane

Ransom - Sc 1 - 21st March 2017

Roger grabs Hunt's head between his hands, pulling his lips to his for a passionate kiss. Hunt's resistance is zero on a scale of one to ten. He goes down on Roger's big man tool, already at attention, for a thorough spit washing, swallowing it far into his throat.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Bahiano and Marlon - 21st March 2017

Bahiano and Marlon's one-on-one video is finally here. They use every inch of the kitchen and loungeroom to suck and fuck each other senseless in this encounter. I know I was working up a sweat just watching, I can't imagine how worn out the pair must have be by the time they blew their loads. Released 21st March

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation Sc 2 - 20th March 2017

After some football on the lawn, Woody Fox and newcomer Kip Johnson want something more intimate. Kip is 6 feet 3 inches of beef, with dark blond hair tumbling over his shoulders. His swimmer's body has a golden tan and a scant dusting of blond hair. He and Woody find an inviting spot to fuck, in the barn, making out through the rungs of a ladder. Woody strips and climbs the ladder until his cock is level with Kip's mouth, then he tickles Kip's tonsils with his uncut inches. Woody climbs down the ladder and Kip climbs up, stopping when his hole meets Woody's tongue. He smiles and grins as Woody tickles his taint. The mood gets more intense when Woody impales Kip on his cock. Kip twists his torso so he and Woody can make out while they fuck. Kip then sits on Woody's cock, and rides himself to pleasure. Kip's balls are so loose that they slam into Woody's on every down-stroke. Woody reaches around and grabs Kip's cock, inciting Kip to cum for all he's worth as Woody plows him relentlessly. Then Woody pulls his cock out and adds his spooge to Kip's. Released 20th March

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Chris Neal and Ray Boy - 19th March 2017

Ray Boy's face is buried in Chris' crotch as he eagerly devours his thick inked cock. He quickly returns the favor as they start to service one another in the 69 position. Chris grabs his legs, spreads them wide, and power fucks his ass with relentless precision. The scene reaches its climax when Chris shoots his spunk all over Ray Boy's face, mouth and tongue.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Clay & Bill Fucking Hard And Dirty Pt2 - 19th March 2017

Bill wants to be penetrated, and Clay is more than thrilled to shove his cock deep inside Bill. The boys try out a few different positions, and they decide that doggy style is best, especially when Clay can ride Bill and get his cock deep inside. Its a grand climax for Bill, but he is a true gentleman and helps Clay finish by rimming his ass as he jerks off and pumps out his own load. Very hot indeed! Released 19th March

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