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Latest Release for Bare

Dungeon Gang Bang - Sc 3 - 21st August 2019

Hank Cruz pounds Jarod's butt till it's red and raw and nearly knocks him off the table before shooting his hot load up Jarod's ass.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bears and Cubs - Sc 1 - 20th August 2019

Big top Daddy Beare comes across furry Daddy Cub Eric caged in the depths of a leather and steel dungeon. There's no negotiation; these men both know what they want, and get right to it.

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild Sc 5 - 19th August 2019

Country boy Connor Maguire is feeling frisky, so he finds a quiet place in the barn to jack off. His body is hard and firm, and he has a sprinkling of reddish hair across his pecs and down his tummy that lead to his super hard cock. There's an old truck in the barn, and sexy Donnie Dean is snoozing in the front seat. He wakes up when he hears Connor and he emerges from his nap ready to suck. Donnie's hard-bodied enthusiasm is infectious. It's a tossup which is hotter -- his mouth or his hole -- and lucky Connor doesn't have to make up his mind because he gets them both. After getting his cock sucked, Connor delivers an expert rim job to Donnie's hairy hole while he's laying back, legs spread on the hood of an old pickup. After its primed and ready Connor goes to down on Donnie's hole with his cock, ramming his ass over the fender of the truck and on a tractor. Pleasured by the intense pounding, Donnie squeezes and jerks his cock jism squirts out, coating the hairs on his chest. Connor's major load quickly follows.

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Colin Steele and Chris Kohl - 18th August 2019

Colin throws Chris onto his back and buries his face into his crotch. Colin sucks, rims, and tongues Chris into a frenzy. Colin slides his big thick cock deep into Chris's raw hole. Colin spreads Chris's legs wide and pile drives his cock into his ass with hard deep thrusts. Colin power fucks his hole as Chris screams in delight.

Latest Release for Bare

Bareback Buddies - Sc 1 - 17th August 2019

These office buddies are fed up with work and would rather work each other's asses.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Get Czeched - 16th August 2019

Peter and David are cruising in old river boat on the Moldau and its canals around Prague. David's hands are soon down Peter's pants and cock in his mouth. It's a nice cock too - in fact both of our Euro boys are well hung, lean and totally into each other.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Chow Down By The Campfire - 15th August 2019

Michael and Mike have been telling sex-stories by the campfire when Joey appears. He chows down on both cocks before they start fucking in a variety of positions. Joey can't get enough as he bounces back and forth between his two tops. The verbal abuse is great and Joey squeals like a pig on a spit! Featuring - Michael, Mike and Joey

Latest Release for Bare

Palm Spring Sluts - Sc 2 - 14th August 2019

Jarod Steele and Caleb Daniels get hot and steamy as Jarod takes his 9 inch tool and works it deep into Caleb's beautiful, quivering ass until he's spewing all over and in Caleb. Caleb then shoots and Jarod feeds it back to him.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Here Comes Daddy - Sc 3 - 13th August 2019

Super-hung daddies BluMaxx and Rex Murphy bring it all together in a tasty exchange of manpower and sensuality.

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild Sc 4 - 12th August 2019

The country boy image of statuesque Ryan Rose tossing hay in jeans will make cocks twitch. Connor Kline agreed to help Ryan out, but when he arrives at the barn, Ryan is nowhere to be seen. Then, Connor spots a long hard dick poking through a knot hole in the barn door. Connor is on it in no time, his helping mouth swallowing Ryan's cock through the makeshift glory hole. Trails of Connor's saliva trickle down Ryan's cock to his balls. Ryan comes out to suck Connor, giving him a syrupy blow job that leaves Ryan's face smeared with drool and precum. Connor cock-beats Ryan's face, then Connor bends over a bale of hay, presenting one of the most perfect asses ever. Connor's hole is ready for the taking and Ryan immediately dives into the exquisite mounds tongue first, pinching the globes of Connor's buns and spreading them. Then, grasping Connor from behind in a half nelson, Ryan power drives his cock into the hot center of Connor's ass, and they continue fucking until they both dump thick loads on Connor's smooth chest.

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Sage Daniels and Ray Boy - 11th August 2019

Ray Boy works his oral magic on Sage making sure he services his swollen nuts too. Sage eagerly reciprocates as they both 69 with each other. Ray Boy's ass starts to twitch as Sage sticks his tongue into his raw hole as he teases him with delight. Sage pulls Ray Boy to the side of the bed ... grabs his hips ... and plows his raw bare cock into his sloppy hole with relentless precision. Sage takes Ray Boy's hot fresh cum and lubes his own dick with it as he continues to fuck Ray Boy aggressively. Sage fucks his own load into Ray Boy’s hole breeding his hot Daddy.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Fill 'er Up - Sc 7 - 11th August 2019

I let 5 guys loose in the basement of NYC's infamous COCK bar and the place lives up to its name. No instructions other than it's time to get a load out. The room is charged and quickly fills with the kind of primordial energy you only get when letting go of your hang ups and giving in to impulses governed by lust and desire. MICA MEDINA and HUNTER WILLIAMS become the designated beef and SAM BRIDLE, ERIC HASSAN and OLIVER WILDE are happy to take turns. Couplings and groups happen and then break. Sam is fucking Mica. Oliver is fucking Hunter. Eric is fucking Mica. Taking turns swapping orifices, spit and cum. And let's just say after the ending of this scene? I wanna have phone sex with sexy Eric Hassan like right now. Special thanks to THE COCK BAR, NYC.

Latest Release for Bare

Intensity Sc 3 - 10th August 2019

Can you handle the Intensity of real men, really raw fucking like there's no tomorrow? Not only yeah but FUCK YEAH!!!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Sick Fucks - Sc 7 - 10th August 2019

Now, back to RYAN BRAVO. Already a victim of JESSY's POZ-seed, the little fucker tells me he has "No Limits". We'll let you be the judge of that. There is only one man for RYAN's final initiation into the cult of man sex ... and nothing could have prepared him for 'DEMON SEED'. RYAN's desire is the desire of all manfuckers: we are told from the beginning that because of our love for other men, we are hated by some invisible God, that we deserve nothing less than the burning fires of a very real hell, to be cast away in eternal Darkness. As we go deeper into this dangerous zone Ryan hears the whispered voice of LeVey, calling him into the Satanic depths of a man's soul. The possessed beast arrives and gives no mercy. He chokes and degrades him. The darkness is so strong, at times it feels claustrophobic. RYAN's flesh begins to burn, as the madness within his fucker's eyes grows stronger and stronger. It doesn’t take long for his rapist to release the Luciferian seed into his willing victim. Ava, Santana. RYAN feels the fire within him.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Sick Fucks - Sc 6 - 09th August 2019

We believe we should start breaking them in young. Meet MICKEY. Hopeful with big dreams, this kid is really shooting for the stars. MICKEY, still in high school, longs for sex with other men. Of course I agreed to meet him. Noble young men like MICKEY remind me that we still have so far to go. But this young man is well on his way.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Up The Batter - 08th August 2019

This 4-way starts as a 2-way between coach Andy Dill and Catcher Brad Davis. These guys go at it 110%, grunting and sweating and fucking and ...you get the point. Enter Hunter James and Jacob Slader and the grand finale sets one for the record books! This Team knows how to Play!

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