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Latest Release for Bare

Hung and Raw in Palm Springs - Sc 5 - 18th November 2017

The cum flows and drips from hungry holes begging for more. None is wasted as these sex pigs eat it themselves or feed it to each other. This is the infamous special hot wax scene with our two hairy hunks.... man oh man is it intense.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Alessio Romero & AJ Monroe - 18th November 2017

Alessio Romero and AJ Monroe are about to get it on. Young AJ winces as Alessio pulls his shirt off. He's just had a tattoo removed (ex-boyfriend's name) and it hurts a bit. He has to cover it with a large bandage. Alessio let's him know he'll be careful, but he by no means wants AJ to take it easy on him. Sloppy blow jobs ensue and cocks are fully erect in no time. Alessio is ready and willing to take AJ's fuck stick in his hot, furry ass. With Alessio on his knees, ass high in the air, AJ slides his young cock inside. He pumps away at Alessio's ass while Alessio pumps away at his own prick. They work in sync until Alessio Romero unleashes a wave of hot cum onto his furry abs. AJ Monroe pulls out and splatters Alessio wish a huge wave of his warm juice. Bet AJ has all but forgotten about the tattoo.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Marc and Jason - 17th November 2017

Marc LaSalle and Jason Crew play in the rooftop pool. Jason's long, ten-incher grows quickly between Marc's hungry lips. After some hot action in the pool, Jason gets Marc on all fours and plows Marc's dark ass. The two then cum with explosive jets of creamy goo. Aloha!

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Andres - 17th November 2017

Sweet, vanilla-skinned boy Andres is going to melt your screen with twink hotness. Don't miss the 18-year-old doing what he does best; rubbing one out for the camera.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Derek, Tom and Blaze - 16th November 2017

This scene has three amazing muscle guys, two over 40, and one over 50 - but I won't say who. When the guys start messing around with the stuff the construction crew left overnight, including donning a tool belt while rock hard, stuff got even more interesting. Jeremy Hall filmed this one for us and like a pro, when asked by the guys to shed some of his own clothes, he did in a heartbeat.

Latest Release for StraightMen

Alex Costelli Audition - 16th November 2017

We met Alex Costelli while he was vacationing here in L.A. He's from France, and even though at first we had a problem understanding his English through Alex's French accent, it only took a few cocktails before we were both speaking the same language. Alex loves porn, and is an an exhibitionist at heart. The thought of people watching him have sex turns him on. The thought of Alex naked turned us on. Alex was eager to strip down, stroke his thick uncut cock, and bust a creamy nut... while we watched.

Latest Release for Dirty Boy Video

Bangin' Bessy - 16th November 2017

"My name's Ryan, I'm 18 and I'm going to fuck this cow," this cute straight boy says. And true to his word, he is 18 (we checked) and he fucks a blow up sex cow! This shy freshman kicks off his jeans and plays with his cock thru the fabric of his tighty whitey briefs while surfing - you guessed it - StraightBoysFucking! His beautiful cock hard and ready, he giggles and squirts some lube into the sex toy opening. He strips off his underwear to shag the plastic cow in it's 'ass'! You may remember Ryan's pal Valentino who named the inflatable sex toy Moo-rissa. Well Ryan prefers to call her Bessy as he slides his lubed up cock inside the plastic fuck hole! Grabbing hold of the cow, he pumps it up and down on his stiff shaft, giving us an 'I don't believe I'm doing this' look! Ryan stands up and uses Bessy to stroke himself and gives us a view of his low hanging balls and cute butt! Soon the sex doll has done it's job and Ryan pulls his dick out, grabs it and whispers, "I'm coming..."

Latest Release for Bare

Cream Of The Cocks 2 - Sc 9 - 15th November 2017

A blockbuster extravaganza of CUM explodes on the screen as these guys pump it out and pump it in. Pace yourself and follow along as you watch one hot EXPLODING and SPLATTERING CUM SHOT after the other.

Latest Release for Jake Cruise

Joe - 15th November 2017

Watch studly Joe's audition with Jake then jackoff on camera and blow all over his hot body.

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Morgan Black, Dominic Sol and Steve Vex - 15th November 2017

Morgan Black, Dominic Sol and Steve Vex get straight to business. The cocks come out and Morgan is the first to drop down and have a taste. Dominic joins him and Steve gets a hot double blow job. Morgan gets on his hands and knees and becomes the meat of the manwich with Steve fucking his face and Dominic eating his tasty hole. Morgan soon has a cock in each end, sucking Steve and getting fucked by Dominic at the same time.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Pure Sex - Sc 2 - 15th November 2017

Two dark-skinned, uncut, passionate and intense Latin men making out like this is enough to get anyone stirred in the loins. But when they are two fiery guys with perfect physiques and striking faces like Alexander Garrett and Franco Ferrari, the making out alone will have you edging. These two beacons of sexuality are so into each other from the moment they set eyes on each other and the attraction builds and intensifies with every touch and stroke until Alexander is on his knees swallowing Franco's uncut meat. Franco can tell there is a huge cock in Alexander's pants, and he wants to get a taste of this behemoth. After servicing Alexander's cock, Franco moves to his hot hairy hole. Franco's dark meat is slamming into Alexander's hot Latin hole and his fervor grows until he shoots a load all over Alexander's balls. Then Alexander tops that as he shoots a creamy load into that Franco catches in his mouth sure to get every last drop. Released 15th November

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Milking Aussie Cum Out - 15th November 2017

Thar he blows! This video comes with a heavy showers warning as cum shot after cum shot explodes on your screen. Those Aussie boys are young hung and full of cum and they're spraying it just for you. Released 15th November

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Aries Bath Solo - 14th November 2017

Aries teases you with his perfectly smooth ticklish feet, sudsing them up for you in glistening close ups. He touches and plays with his feet and it's making him horny, so he kicks back and soaps up his Asian cock and starts stroking until he spills out a nice wad of cum.

Latest Release for High Octane

Hard Wood - Sc 2 - 14th November 2017

These three Euro beauties love a bit of risk, so they're going to have their hot threeway out in the open air. Ruslan, Jason and Robert strip off and engage in a scorching hot spit roast in the outdoors, unafraid of being caught by passers by while sucking and fucking each other rotten.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Diego bangs Marcus P - 14th November 2017

After showing us what he could do on poor ol' Ivan last month, Diego returns to put that stunning body into high gear and drive that cock into Marcus. It's a battle of the beauties as this duo suck and fuck their way into the fantasies of all you Latin lovers out there. Released 14th November

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Alpine Wood Part 2 - Sc 4 - 13th November 2017

Water cascading from the shower head over Kayden Fleming's body illuminates every meaty muscle and Kayden's roaming hands direct your attention to all his erogenous zones. Brandon Jones is lurking around the corner, massaging his crotch as he watches Kayden stroke his soapy pud. With a nod, Kayden invites Brandon to join him, and Brandon jumps in, clothes and all. Kayden's girth stretches Brandon's lips to the max. With moist lips, he wraps his tongue around the head of Kayden's cock, giving it several swirls before allowing his mouth to enclose it. Brandon punishes his throat swallowing that mass of meat while pulling out his own hard cock. Kayden erupts like a geyser in Brandon's face and mouth while Brandon jerks his load over his wet jeans. Released 13th November

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