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Latest Release for Jake Cruise

James Biehns Massage - 20th June 2018

I rim and fingerbang his hot ass while he's on his belly. Then, when I turn him over, his thick, hard 'cornhusk' jumps up to greet me and I feast on the massive pole. James never loses steam. As I lick his bouncing balls and tight hole he shoots his load up and over his shoulder. Bull's-eye!

Latest Release for Bare

Butt Busters - Sc1 - 20th June 2018

Everything from two handed fisting, baseball bats, turkey basters, elbow deep fisting, foot fucking and some of the wildest butt busting you've ever seen. The action in BUTT BUSTERS is not staged, IT'S REAL and NATURAL.

Latest Release for Cocksure Men

Boston Miles and Mike De Marko - 20th June 2018

Boston begins digging his tongue into Mike's hairy ass. He takes turns licking Mike De Marko's ass and balls. Mike lowers his legs and Boston Miles wraps his lips around Mike's hard, fat, huge cock. Mike gets to his knees and Boston stands up and takes his turn at chocking on Boston's dick. They move on to the couch where Boston continues to suck Mike's cock until he flips him over and eats Mike's ass again. He fingers Mike and then sticks his cock in Mike's tight ass, pumping away until Mike rides Boston's cock. Boston Miles flips Mike over and fucks him hard in the missionary position until Mike cums all over his hairy abs and chest.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Bear Curious - Sc 1 - 19th June 2018

You've heard about them. You've thought about them. Admit it. You're bear-curious. Join ultra-hairy Bear Boxx as he explores his bear-lusts, topping both big hairy Leather Bear and his little Leather Cub.

Latest Release for Laughing Asians

Lets Tickle Manuel - 19th June 2018

This is Manuel's first time to be tied and tickled. If you love taller, more masculine Asian guys, then you're going to love Manuel and Miguel. Enrique and Miguel really make Manuel sweat through this video.

Latest Release for High Octane

Swim Meat 2 - Sc 2 - 19th June 2018

Swimmers have some of the best bodies in the sporting world, so don't miss your chance to see two of the finest athletes going at each other in this video. Gamal and Julian will be making you as wet as they get by the end of their one-on-one.

Latest Release for BangBangBoys

Max - 19th June 2018

Given his hot stripper past, it's no surprise that Max does a thrilling solo performance in this video. That finely tuned bod and extra large tool is fully up to the task of making your wildest fantasies come true during your alone time with this fine specimen. Released 19th June

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Naughty Pines 1 - Sc 4 - 18th June 2018

Getting caught with your hard on in your fist makes it awkward to say no when a hot guy offers to join in. That's no problem for Colt Rivers, who's caught full-handed in the woods by Luke Adams. Colt lets Luke take over his cock and uses his freed-up hands to strip. The sounds of cock sucking rise. Luke delivers a robust face-fucking that makes Colt choke. Then full-speed ahead as the two hard-muscled guys drop to the ground: tongues burrow into asses and cocks probe into mouths. Colt's hips flex and he cries out, driving his cock deep into Luke's throat in the throes of orgasm. What Luke doesn't swallow he permits to roll over Colt's shaft and balls. His own cock primed to shoot, Luke grabs Colt's head and unloads an explosion of cum on Colt’s face. Released 18th June

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Jaxon & Levi Part 1 - 17th June 2018

We've got two brand new Aussie amateurs for you this week so we thought we should spend some time getting to know them before they strip down. Levi is from Melbourne, Australia and Jaxon is from Sydney - but despite their geographical differences the two seem to have quite a lot in common. Should make for a good fuck session next week! Released 17th June

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Rocco Steele and Parker Kane - 17th June 2018

You would think that a sweet faced young Son like Parker Kane would be intimidated by the size and girth of Rocco Steele's Daddy sized cock but it was just the opposite...he wasn't in the slightest bit scared or taken aback ...rather he couldn't wait to take on Rocco's thick shaft. Parker gets mounted and takes a deep pounding when Rocco slides into his bare ass and impales him with that mammoth sized tool over and over again. Every inch is swallowed by Parker's ass disappearing after every thrust ...Rocco sprays his cum all over Parker's hole then plants his dick firmly into his ass and breeds the rest in...just as Parker pops his load all over himself and shoots onto his chest and stomach...Daddy and Son kiss and hug as they clean each other up...and share the others load... Released 17th June

Latest Release for Bare

Pigs Gone Wild - Sc1 - 16th June 2018

Chris Cohand, known for his animated and aggressive style of fisting and for his world renown parties has done it again in PIGS GONE WILD! Chris invited 9 of his PIGGIEST friends for a weekend of reckless fisting abandon.

Latest Release for Hot Dads Hot Lads

Brian Davilla & Andrew Markus - 16th June 2018

Dad Brian Davilla and Lad Andrew Markus makeout aggressively. They tug at each others hard-ons and the shirts come off. Andrew goes down on Brian and deep throats every inch of his thick daddy cock. They kiss and Brian tells Andrew to show him his young ass. Brian spits on Andrew's sweet hole and rimms his delicious ass. He fills Andrew's hole with his meaty cock and piledrives him into the bed. Brian lays down and Andrew goes to work sucking his huge pecker. Andrew climbs on top of Brian's dick and rides slowly. Brian thrusts up, pounding him from the bottom. They fuck in missionary position and Brian almost splits Andrew's ass in half with big long strokes of his massive cock. Andrew Markus orgasms intensely, cumming on himself. He sucks the cum out of Brian Davilla's massive dick and they kiss.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Dean Monroe - 15th June 2018

Dean Monroe shows you what he does to cum during his private hours of self pleasure. He is one of the hottest porn stars alive and has been filmed exclusively for your enjoyment. This great example of beautiful male erotica will have you cumming along with the star!

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Willis - 15th June 2018

Willis has a nice tight body and mouthwatering dick, promising tons of pleasure from the moment its bared on screen. The 19-year-old certainly knows how to play his audience.

Latest Release for On The Hunt

Markus and Costas - 14th June 2018

We didn't know how Costas was going to handle some jumbo black cock! We brought in Markus to really try and give Costas and workout and did he ever cum through! Markus has a body that is perfection. An amazing chest, a double bubble black booty, and a rock hard fuck stick. Once these 2 got started we couldn't get them to stop. Some great oral, some amazing rimming and then the main event of some hardcore ass pounding interracial action!

Latest Release for StraightMen

Derek Princeton with Toys - 14th June 2018

Derek's college classes are challenging, so we wanted to make sure that he provided him with an experience that stretched more than just his mind. We gave Derek three dildos, each one larger than the one before it. Derek was happy to put them to the test. Who needs a big cock to take you to heights of ecstasy when you've got bigger toys! Summer school is in session, and Derek earns an A ... in Ass Play...

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