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Latest Release for SexGaymes

On The Ball - 30th November 2020

Gym Balls. They're great for your back, abdominals and ass! Damon finds out all about it with Marc in "On the Ball".

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Michael and Danny - Strangers Instant Meet - 29th November 2020

Michael and Danny are two guys who have never met before and have just been introduced on cam. Michael is a dark-haired, sultry-eyed Brazilian who says that he is nervous but excited with this "blind date." Danny is a 27 year old curly-haired Spanish bisexual who has never been on cam but is raring to go nonetheless. Upon meeting, the two are pleasantly surprised with each other and express a willingness to do everything. With little time to waste, they get right on to it, touching each other on the chest and abs, grabbing butts and feeling each other wherever their hands can reach while they make out. Both guys now get naked and exchange hot blowjobs. Danny rims Michael and nibbles on his balls. Michael jacks off as he gives Danny a handjob while they make out torridly. He then goes down and sucks Danny's cock again, getting ready for more action. Michael puts on a condom and fucks Danny on the floor. They shift positions and now, it is Danny who is riding Michael's stiff cock as he gets pumped hard from beneath. Finally, they go into a dog-style position before Michael takes out his cock from Danny's glory hole and comes on his back. Danny lies down on his back, jacking off until he climaxes too, shooting his cum onto his belly.

Latest Release for Bare

Trucker Fuckers - Sc 3 - 28th November 2020

Gas, grass or ass - no one rides for free with these Truckers.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Bruthaload - Douglas - 27th November 2020

Douglas is 25, 5' 11", with a 7" cock. Douglas is a computer technician. He loves to smoke weed and get his cock sucked by "a guy who knows what he's doing and doesn't have a gag reflex."

Latest Release for Fetish Force

Initiation - Scene 1 - 26th November 2020

Initiation features a scene that stands as a highpoint in the library of Zeus erotica. Abs, Tits, Cocks, and Balls, all are taken as close to the point of no return as possible, capped off with a flogging that left Bryce Pierce on the floor.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Kody - 25th November 2020

Mouthwatering twink Kody releases the large anaconda hiding in his shorts. This boy is seriously well-hung, so be prepared to step back from your computer screens.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Stoked 1 - Sc 2 - 24th November 2020

Julian Morino and Miguel Leonn stand toe to toe, their mahogany eyes locked, cocks hard and at the ready. The two men switch back and forth with a tangible level of aggression, each one trying to make the other choke on monster dick.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Speedo Bois - 23rd November 2020

An afternoon ocean-swim turns into hot sex in the shower-room. Damon is up to his usual antics of picking-up unsuspecting men and ends up giving Stefan the hammering of his life!

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Tyler Likes It Dirty - 22nd November 2020

This tall, lean and bearded guy looks like he’ll do anything and everything just to get some action, and that includes performing alone on camera. He strips off his clothes from his lean physique and starts rubbing his hands all over himself, concentrating on his nipples and his crotch. As his package swells, he puts his hand in his briefs and whips it out… What he shows off is totally impressive! This horse hung dirty dad is getting ready for some wild wanking. He strips off his underwear and starts playing with his tool, making it grow harder, longer and thicker. Soon, he is fully erect and jacking off like crazy! He constantly stares at his penis, as if admiring it, and anyone would have to admit that it is certainly the most beautiful part of him… Tyler is game for anything and as he continues to beat his manhood, he is given a fleshlight. He applies some lube on his cock and to the pink opening of the toy. He rubs the head of his cock on the fleshlight, as if teasing a pussy and making it yearn with desire. Then he fucks it deep and all the way, enthusiastically pumping it up and down the full length of his hardness ... Moaning and panting with pleasure, he turns over and fucks it face down before rolling over on his back again. He can’t seem to get enough but he soon takes his cock out and continues by using his own hands. He jerks off quicker and quicker, his breathing getting heavier and hotter by the second ... He climaxes, shooting his cum all over his stomach ... As he relaxes, his cock lays upon his belly sore and pink but fully satisfied!

Latest Release for Bare

Cum Hungry - Fuel Injection - 21st November 2020

Wanton whores fucking bareback in the back of the truck.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Meat Packing - Bonus - 20th November 2020

Don't miss all the extra bits ...

Latest Release for Fetish Force

Nexus - Scene 4 - 19th November 2020

Its a pile of buff men in boots fucking like there's no tomorrow. Features Tony Serrano, Riley Porter and Bruce Jennings.

Latest Release for Teens and Twinks

Blontie - 18th November 2020

Blontie gets his thick meat out for a hot masturbation session in this video. He produces some of the hottest facial expressions we've seen on a twink too.

Latest Release for Rearstable

Arabesque - Scene 1 - 17th November 2020

Huessein, Sarib, Colin West, Joey Russo, and JC soon stack themselves into a pyramid--a human sculpture writhing with cock and ass. These men enjoy each other with rampant desire, sweat dripping from every brow under the hot, broiling sun.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Steam - 16th November 2020

Hunky gym-manager Brendan is back to his old antics in "Steam". At lock-up time he spies Kurt and Steel going hard at-it in the sauna. There is only one thing he can do...of course!

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

Hairy Twink Arthur Returns - 15th November 2020

Arthur is quite the sweet bloke, and is the ultimate in mixing hairy and twink! In the last few months we have seen his first ever porn shoot, then his first ever sex with another guy. Now we get to watch Arthur in a solo scene that really shows off his assets: his beautiful smile, piercing eyes and sweet twink body, plus of course, his hairy chest, his naturally hairy pubes and his hairy ass.

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